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HeadAmp Customer Service?

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So, it's been about 3 weeks since I've placed my order for a Gilmore Lite amp, and I haven't heard a single thing from HeadAmp. No confirmation email (save for the one PayPal sent me), no response to emails or phone calls. I'm starting to get a little worried, since both PayPal (and my bank account) are telling me that HeadAmp does, in fact, have my money. But after 2 emails and numerous call attempts ... nothing.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience with HeadAmp? I'm honestly starting to get a little worried.
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I've also had problems in my interactions with HeadAmp. Fortunately, while certainly not perfect, it's proven itself to be nothing but a great little business at the end of the day. Justin is just slow to get back to people is all. Sometimes he isn't, but that seems to depend more on luck than anything else. If I were you, I wouldn't worry.
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You shouldnt worry. I had to wait a long time for my Gilmore Lite as well. He does take time to reply sometimes, but his work is exceptional and the amp is great. Just hold on.
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Expect delays and black-outs in terms of communications. I agree though that the products are of the highest standard; whether or not you can handle going unanswered for weeks (or months) at a time is a personal preference.

I thoroughly enjoyed ownership of both the Gilmore Lite w/ DPS and GS-1: great sounding, rock solid, superb build. Having said that though, sadly and admittedly the lack of comms was one of the reason I left the marque.
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Communication and delivery can be very slow, but you'll get your amp - of that I'm certain. I had to wait ages for news and delivery of my Pico, but it was well worth the wait.
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No need to worry, that is part of the Headamp experience.

Eventually you will get your amp (or get your money back as I did, since I couldn't do the waiting time.)
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Replying to an email takes only one minute (or less). It prevents customers from worrying and it belongs to savoir vivre.
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Running a digital storefront doesn't mean that you can skimp on hiring a sales rep to field questions and follow up on transactions.
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I've never bought anything from HeadAmp. However, I'm with anetode. I don't think any company can afford lousy customer service, even if the product is good.
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Noticed it said 3 weeks on the website I am seriously considering a Gilmore Lite I hear
nothing but good about their products just seems to be a delay in receiving them.
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I can say I've always had very prompt responses from Justin. I ordered my Gilmore Lite when he had a few already to ship, but even just recently he's replied very quickly to my emails.
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dont worry The amp will be with u shortly. Headamps a good business to deal with.
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I've had only positive experiences with Justin and have enjoyed using his amps...AE-2, Pico & Gilmore Lite. People get busy, get behind in work and can't always be everywhere/respond quickly.

There is a telephone number at the HeadAmp website. I've never called Justin but this is an option.
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It's completley hit and miss; I would never deal with anyone who could not respond especially after payment is sent. Funny after so many years, reading the same threads.....
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I should add that I was once on a Pico wait list and cancelled and did get a prompt reply from Headamp.......again, it's completely hit and miss. Some can deal with that, I could not. If you search through some old threads there is much of the same info.
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