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I would rather pull the trigger on this:
Cryoset Online Store

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Actually I did not care for the sound of the EH tubes at all - but to each their own
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I have been listening to the SE 6SN7 and Royal Princess for about 4 months now.


I am also in agreement that this 6SN7 isn't really that necessary.  Worth the money or not is a bit subjective.  The glass shape and brass base are awsome looking for sure and it's bigger !

I found the combo I have now sounds more hi-fi then music.  It has more slam, more extension. 

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Had a god pair in my hands but I could nto come to terms with the sound quality/price ratio. decent tube absolutely great tube? my idea of a great tube is a well matched pair of Tung-Sol tall bottle or Sylvanias bad boys or Tung-Sol black glass, or RCA Gray Glass (1940's)  or Ken Rads 1950's or even RCA's brown base or black base 1950's

for $200 my expectations were too high ..  I think, the rest is a matter of preference and taste . .   :)


Hope this helps;


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