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Although there is a veil in the ie8 but I find it pleasent .that veil I think is a reason why the ie8 is a dark iem and the treble is rolled off and not sharp which I find pleasent because I sometimes like to relax and listen to laid back soft music with no fatigue and the ie8 excels in this.the fx500 is a bright phone and for me its treble is very sharp and can be fatiguing for long listining for ie8 details,it have excellent details but as average joe said you sometimes have to pay attention to hear it due to veil.


I agree.. the slight veil and warmth on the ie8 adds flavor to songs (in a good way, for most of the time).. I notice this is especially so in the vocals that I listen to.


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Rumor has it that the veil has been lifted on the ie80s.still waiting for reviews

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I don't like the veil..

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