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I sold my RP-22X to him. His payment was prompt and communication was good. I'd happily sell to him again.
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Had the pleasure of selling a Waterfield SF Bag to elcarajo. Very smooth transaction and I would highly recommend.

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I sold my Penguin Amp to elcarajo. Great buyer, good communication and swift payment. Highly recommended - would do business with him again.
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A pleasure to do business with Welcome Buyer Anytime!!!!!

Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E. Moon Audio 308 Chrismill Lane Holly Springs, NC 27540 919-649-5018 Moon...

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Sold my Grado HF-1's to him. Very kind and very fast to deal with. Best of wishes to him.
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Sold elcarajo my Beresford TC7520. Very cool guy, would absolutely do business again.
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A great buyer who is a credit to this site. A real pleasure to work with.
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Sold Elcarajo my TK33s.

Transaction went well and I would do business with him again.


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I sold elcarajo a pair of DIY orthodynamic headphones and a pair of Yamaha HP1 headphones.


Payment was instant, and communication was consistently superb. I would not hesitate at all to deal with elcarajo ever again!


Thank you for a great transaction!

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Bought Yamaha YH-1 from me. Great transaction! Very good buyer. He paid very fast and was extremely pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended.

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