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the SONY part for the cd1k/cd3k drivers is 1-505-132-11 - Google Search

Sony - MDR-CD3000 Service Manual on Windows Drivers Downloads

and this is the R10 driver: Sony 1-505-100-31 - Encompass Parts
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Originally Posted by AmanGeorge View Post
How does the stock compare with the Headphile-d version?
The Headphile mods and recable increased the level of detail and accuracy of the cans. Vocals sound more life like and there is a better level of separation between instruments in the modded cans. Highs were also crisp and sharp, and bass was tightened up with much more slam. The mods also brought the overall sound more foward giving you a sense as if you were sitting in the front row of a concert or as if you were in a recording studio.

At the same time with all the improvements the Headphile mods did, it also made an already bright sounding pair of cans more bright. They need to be paired with a warm source or amp to minimize listening fatigue.
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haha, I just got my cd1k back...the leather DT770/600Ω is just SO SO SO far away....huge soundstage, very musical(yet not overwhelming) bass, very transparent(yet not whining like the beyer) trebles.

Germania(thanks Stacy!) gave me some tips to mod it to improve its sound, but God...I've owned it for +10 years, and it's good to have it back 8 months later

I sold it coz I thought headphones would have evolved 20 years later...but they simply haven't

next time I see a cd3k for sale, I might fall for it

the only drawback is that the isolation is really not good.
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leeperry: You should definitely go for the next cd3000 you can get. I don't think I'll ever sell mine. I'm now recabling it with silver-plated wire, and we'll see how that goes. I also recently replaced the stock plug (on the stock wire) with a $1 neutrik plug, and I actually noticed the difference in clarity! It amazed me that a little plug like that could make a difference, but it did. Just a bit more detail there, and I'll take all the detail I can get.

As far as the well-worn ratty earpads and headbands go: I've noticed that it is not the foam that is deteriorating, but rather the synthetic plastic covering on the cloth-like material that wraps the foam. It's just flaking off and it looks like it was spray-painted there to being with. I'm wondering if I can just scrape of the old flakes with a metal brush or something and just spraypaint it back to new (save me $100). Just a thought for now. The long-term solution would be to make my own leather earpads and headband. I could make them out of lambskin, like the R10.

Speaking of the R10, in the link you posted on the R10 drivers, I didn't see anything saying they were sold out. I wonder what a cd3000 shell would sound like with R10 drivers? Might be a poor man's R10 that would still cost under a grand.
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well, I got a brand new furutech plug, maybe I'll pop it on the cd1k

yeah, it might be worth it to ask them about availability indeed!

so the cd3k is simply untouchable? what about these hd800/d7k and so? I just can't believe that 20 years later, noone's managed to create better sounding drivers

Stacy said that a properly modded cd1k was on par(or better?) than a cd3k, so I'll stick to it for now....everything that annoyed me on the DT770/600 has simply vanished

it's just that the isolation is really lousy, but you can't get it all I guess..

my headband is completely beat up, but I got a stash of brand new pads
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strangely they have 2 refs for the R10 drivers: SONMDRR10 - Encompass Parts

but not for the CD1K or CD3K, only one:
SONMDRCD1000 - Encompass Parts
SONMDRCD3000 - Encompass Parts

all the parts seem to give "Estimated Ship Date: No Longer Available" anyway, OTOH they say that the same drivers are shared between the CD1K/CD3K and CD1 ?! what's a CD1?
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If you have problems with the treble, silver or silver plated cable will only make it worst. It will be faster and tad more detail but not worth the harshness present in many recordings.
Try going dual entry with the Mogami W2534. Smooth, extended and detail without the treble harshness. I use it on both the CD3000 and SA5000. Going back to the stock cables on the SA5000 really sounds bad. I see why many people dislike it.
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how is the sa5k compared to the cd3k?

I was told that the dx1k really outshines the cd3k..
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Presentation is different, open and closed headphones. The treble extension of the SA5000 is a lot more than the CD3000 but more refined, not as harsh on bad recordings. It controls sibilance better than any headphone I have without taking away detail. The bass is warmer than the CD3000 but loses in the punch & impact because it is open. Out of a ipod or a poor amp, the SA5000 is still good to listenable. The CD3000 is more finicky. On the other hand Sony must match their equipment because the CD3000 sounds good with pretty much anything Sony, even portable DATs, CDPs, MDPs, radios or DAPs. The best that I have heard the CD3000 is straight out of the speaker terminals of a NAD 3020. I have only done that a few times because the NAD is so old, I'm afraid something might blow and kill the headphones.

Forgot to say that both of these are compared with the same cable. The Mogami W2534 for each channel.
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Originally Posted by warubozu View Post
I own two pairs of CD3K's, one completely stock the other with woody mods and recabled by Headphile. They both remain as one of my favorite pair of cans in my stock. The level of detail and sounstage out of them brings me musical bliss every time I listen to them. I also own a pair of CD1K and it's a night and day difference between the two. While the CD1K has a decent level of detail, the CD3K surpasses it not only in detail but with a larger soundstage and bass that has more slam.
After hearing so much about them I had to get some.
The woody recabled CD3000's are on my head now,these will be going to the grave with me,sweet sweet music.
Just put the stock ones back in there case,looks like its going to be a long time before they see the light of day again,they can keep the SA5000's company because I can not see them getting much use either.

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yeah, I know what you mean!

so anyone heard the dx1k/hd800 and so on? do they hold a candle against the cd3k?
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
yeah, I know what you mean!

so anyone heard the hd800 and so on? do they hold a candle against the cd3k?
The HD800 is a completely different beast and not really worth comparing.
I myself prefer the DX1K to the CD3K.
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different beast, ok! it's newer, uses the latest technologies...but is it as enjoyable? same huge PRAT?

my Manufaktur full genuine leather DT770/600Ω makes you listen to noise basically...mp3's are totally unbearable, any very tiny mixing error "jumps" to your ears...and the PRAT is actually rather low.

these are studio monitoring headphones I guess..not euphonic "audiophile" ?! the bass is so great on the cd1k, the soundstage is C-R-A-Z-Y , the trebles are not harsh and unbearable like the DT770/600Ω...they're spot-on(well I've owned it for +10 years too).

the guy I had sold my cd1k currently has the dx1k, that he prefers because he told me that the bass is amazing on the dx1k....but he also said that the soundstage lacks on the JVC compared to the cd1k.

when you own a cd3k, I have the feeling that your quest for perfect sound is over? does it get any better than that? PRAT is up the roof and its soundstage is just out of this world in movies

Skylab also told me that he prefers the dx1k over the cd3k..
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
when you own a cd3k, I have the feeling that your quest for perfect sound is over? does it get any better than that? PRAT is up the roof and its soundstage is just out of this world in movies
I don't think it's ever over for some

If I were to "upgrade", there would basically be only two routes I would consider: the R10 or Stax Omega (Orpheus is unattainable). I do remember how much of a huge leap in detail Maggie speakers made in my home audiophile system, so electrostatics may be the way to go for me. On the other hand, I also love the dynamics of the CD3000.

I don't about the HD800 - I've tried Sennheiser before and been disappointed with their apparent dryness and lifelessness, but that was probably due to amping. From what I hear, the Senns require good amps, and with world-class amps they have world-class sound.

But the CD3K is no slouch. I've read some who have tried all the top headphones, and ranked the recabled CD3K at about 4th place. And yes, it is awesome with movies. IMO, movie music really gives a headphone a good workout. It tests everything to the max: pitch ranges, detail, dynamics, and soundstage.
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I can't wait to get my recabled pair back, I've been missing it for a while. My headphone search is pretty much over - between the CD3K and the K701, I don't know that there is much more I can get out of headphones without spending >$1K.
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