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Originally Posted by veloaudio View Post
Anyone order from these guys before?
They have all the R10 parts. You could build yourself an R10 or modify your CD3000 with R10 parts.

I added up the prices and it seems you can build one from the parts for about $6000, maybe $7000. However, you don't need the $770 cord since you could put a better one in it. The case is an extra $370.
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are they available if you add them to your cart? I doubt it.

and did anyone try to angle the drivers even further? the R10 pads seem to be angled to death...a friend of mine w/ a cd3k tried, I'll ask him when he'll be back from vacation.
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anyone knows whether the black minijack of the cd3k is screwed in? any chance unscrewing it?
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hmmm i tried unscrewing it using two pairs of pliers with cloth in between but couldn't get them to budge. I wasn't so adventurous as to use just the bare metal pliers. So not entirely sure whether they are screwed in or glued or pushed in or something.
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I think it's pressed in.
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ahhhhhhhhhhh bummer, ok thanks for the feedback!

PS: OTOH, the damn minijack is almost 20 y.o. now...time for a change? but I've always had bad experiences w/ recabling, I don't want the SQ to change WHATSOEVER
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anyone every compared the cd3k to the cd1700? there's this little whiney voice in my head that really wants to try them

they were the top of the line in the second generation of Sony "CD" phones(cd3k being the first and cd2k the third): Google Translate

testimonials don't seem too engaging though...but apparently you'd have to ditch the stock foam discs to open up the trebles(like on the cd1k): http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f10/fs...-cd1700-87152/
I only sell them because I have upgraded to the CD3000
Not quite a baby MDR-CD3000
The 1700's sounded like they belonged to Sony's lesser stable. The 3000's were in an entirely different class.
The soundstage of the CD3000s is MUCH larger and the highs extend further, while the bass goes deeper.
and BTW, discrete op-amps make up for a beyond-words SS on the cd3k drivers...God Burson speaks thee truth I tell you, the Isaac Hayes-Shaft SACD leaves me out of speech
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I own both and I would agree with the comments posted above. The CD1700 is a decent set of cans but they are nowhere near the CD3Ks. Soundstage out of the CD3Ks is larger and wider by a huge margin over the CD1700. Vocals sound more life like out of the CD3Ks. Bass sound full and has more slam out of the CD3Ks. Highs out of the CD3Ks had a slightly more accurate sound while the highs out of the CD1700 sounded bit thin and didn't quite high the note. The CD1700 sounds more like the CD1000 than they do the CD3K.
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well the cd1k benefits a lot from removing the thick stock foam disc and add some much thinner foam, then it can easily outweight the cd3k...that's what both my experience and Germania's are saying anyway.

but I'm a SS whore(a modded cd1k is wider than a stock cd3k by quite a margin), anyway I find the SQ out of my cd1k perfect(when properly driven)...I'll try to force that little whiney upgraditis voice in my head to shut it

and can you put cd3k pads on the cd1700? do they fit? I don't like velours

you should try the cd1700 mod(removing the foam disc), that should help a lot...and maybe kill your cd3k?
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Different strokes for different folks, I prefer the CD3Ks over both CD1000 and CD1700. Not sure if the CD3K pads will fit on the CD1700, I've never tried swapping them.
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well, if you could do the foam mod to your cd1700....that sure would be very enlightening, and put cd3k pads on it while you're at it

the cd3k is also a lot heavier than the cd1k(too much for me), how's the cd1700 please?
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
well, if you could do the foam mod to your cd1700....that sure would be very enlightening, and put cd3k pads on it while you're at it

the cd3k is also a lot heavier than the cd1k(too much for me), how's the cd1700 please?
For me the weight of the CD3Ks isn't an issue, yes the CD1700 like the CD1000 are lighter than the CD3Ks.
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hehe ok, but well if SS is tiny there's no point whatsoever that I find one, remove the foam from the cups and stick cd3k pads on it...how could SONY never make drivers/enclosures as good as the cd1k/cd3k afterwards

their goal is now to make share holders happy(w/ the retarded Xtra-Bass serie aimed at hip hop/nurnb mp3 happy fews), and simply give up on high end closed cans..shame..
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If anyone needs help recabling or replacing the headband - here's the translated version of the geocities guide http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/525276/fs-ft-sony-cd3000-sa5000-for-a-good-hp-amp-1-or-both-w-possible-cash-aus-or-wwide-bonus-amp-for-pickup-in-melbourne#post_7107055 (and yes it happens to be in my fs thread biggrin.gif , it's an appendix biggrin.gif to it )

If someone who did it can elaborate on questions at the bottom - much appreciated.
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I'm loving these headphones. Traded them with svyr a little while ago. Recabled them for balanced, which was a bitch of a job, but completely worth it - they hands down destroy my balanced HD650's in my opinion. Great bass slam, forward, open, just incredible air between all instruments and vocals (almost like listening to speakers). Massively detailed.


Only downside I've encountered so far is an occasional bit of sibilance in some tracks that I'd not heard with any of the other headphones I've owned. I'm not sure I ever need to spend more on headphones. I guess some of the ridiculously priced ones may be better, but I honestly am not sure they would be worth the extra expense. I bet there are plenty of those I wouldn't like as much either.


Highly recommend people try these balanced if they haven't before.

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