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Just got mine yesterday and I would say that're a little above the LW3's overall (just a little, I feel the LW3's are very good) and trumps the EM1-iFi's from Earsonics.

I would definitely ask most of my friends to try getting one of these (the JH5's) instead of trying out three-driver universals at the same price bracket.


It's so good I'm quite content listening out of a diyMod's headphone out until I get a more suitable amp - my Voyager is making things too loud.

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What are LW3's?

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Hey everyone! I have had a pair of JH5's but I got them molded when I was 18 and I have noticed my ears have grown and the fit isn't good anymore.

(they are about 2 years old)


I would like to sell them if anyone is interested. They can easily be remolded. I'd let them go for $150. Let me know through pm if you are interested.


They are awesome, and in great condition. I have taken good care. They would come with the carbon fiber case. I thought i'd throw this out there to anyone before I post it in the for sale section! :)  I have pictures as well. just pm!



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PM sent


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Joined the JH5 bandwagon. I love this thing. Amazing value for a custom iem. It has that fun and addicting sound to it. Reminds me a lot of the TF10 without the recessed mids. They misprinted the JH16 logo though, but it's fine, they probably sound closer to the JH16s since there is obviously much bigger bass than the JH13s

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Very nice airwax!!


I love my JH5s, I've been using it much more often than the JH13!!!

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You prefer JH5's over JH13's?  Really?  I heard 5's and 16's at CanJam and they didn't sound too alike to me (JH16 FTW).  Of course, they were demos...

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Originally Posted by Bazirker View Post

You prefer JH5's over JH13's?  Really?  I heard 5's and 16's at CanJam and they didn't sound too alike to me (JH16 FTW).  Of course, they were demos...


Hi Bazirker,


The 13s PRO are a revealing IEM, garbage in garbage out and if a song has sibilance the 13s will show it to you very clearly. With the JH5, I can still have an awesome sound quality ( better them any universal I've had) and enjoy songs with some level of sibilance, the 5s are more forgiving! IMO the mids on the 5s are more forward, the bass is great and the highs spot on. Comparing the 13s x 5s using well recorded songs, the 13s have more resolution , you can hear the details way more easy and the 13s bass are more textured too. BUT the important thing imo is to enjoy music!



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Excellent point, totally follow where you're coming from now.

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I, too prefer the JH5 over the JH13.  Much fuller sound and more musical with plenty of detail.  Also, JH5 sounds far closer to JH16 than JH13.

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I've been using the JH5s quite a lot now. I still prefer the JH13s for that total immersion with music. However, the JH5s are really no slouch in terms of its performance. I'll be using the JH5s mostly with my ultraportable rig (Nano 6G + Pico slim + Twag JH5). The JH13s for my transportable, (Classic + CLAS + RSA Protector + Balanced Silver Dragon). Now I'm settled.


On a side note, the fit on my JH5s are perfect while the JH13s are a little tight (very little - not significant but noticeable) which sometimes causes ear soreness. JH used a copy of my ear impressions for the JH13 to make the JH5. I wonder why the fit is different. Maybe in the process of making the 13s, they had to use a little more acrylic to secure the 6 drivers properly on each earpiece. Or it could probably the extra weight.


The JH5s are simply a great value. They are definitely better than any universal IEM I've heard. It's fun, musical, engaging. Highly recommended!

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I got impressions done for the JH5 today at a headfi meet so hopefully I'll have the JH5 in a few weeks.

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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post

I got impressions done for the JH5 today at a headfi meet so hopefully I'll have the JH5 in a few weeks.

Best $400 you can spend on any IEM.  I STRONGLY recommend getting an amp for the JH5.  It's a stunning upgrade.  Ibasso T3, gain 1, Ipod Classic, treble booster....phennomenal sound.  Coming from someone that had JH13 and JH16, this package/set-up makes me not miss either of those.



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I don't amp portable anymore due to convenience. If I did I probably would have gotten the JH16 which sounded very impressive at the meet. I'm looking forward to the JH5 and I got the impressions done by Beth who was very nice when I did my impressions.


I have a transportable dac/amp with my netbook which will also be used with them. I also have my home rig if I want to use customs but that will never happen as I pick full size of customs at home :)

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Convenience/portability is nolonger an issue with an amp fix as some are the size of a matchbook.

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