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It may even be just the price of the JH5 in some cases since some dealers ship it to JHA and give free impressions in some cases or at least a discounted price. At this price point it really is hard to justify a reshell indeed.

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In singapore, it costs around SGD$700 i think. As my friend is selling it at SGD$300, with a reshell cost of around ~SGD$150 it'll only be SGD$450 in total. But i shall heed your advice and purchase it directly.. SGD to USD conversion is only 1.2x now. Thanks guys!

Anyway, another question. Will the bass be too overwhelming for me, as i'm coming from a dba-02 and etymotic ER4S? When i had my SM3 the bass was quite a bit full and slightly more than what i'd like. Also, i love the treble sparkle of the DBA, er4s, ck10 etc. Will the JH5 provide that kind of sparkle and better bass?

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And i apologise for the barrage of question! It's my first custom so i'm still contemplating between this and other competitors, such as the UM mage.

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i have a diymod feeding an ibasso p3 heron (AD743JN op-amps) through a diylod (OFC copper quad braid) with BG caps. Should be able to drive the JH5s fineeee. 

And thanks for the input! I'm just worried about problems down the road so the 1 year warranty from JH is enticing.. if i buy directly from them that is.

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How about the westone 4? I can get a westone 4 for about~ SGD$450, roughly the sama price as a JH5, which is about SGD$450 after conversion from USD$399.

I'm a student and i'd like to have a step up from my DBAs, and have about $450 to spend. So i'm weighing between the westone 4 and the JH5, since i've read that JH5 does not crush the westone 4. Also enticing about the w4 is that it has better resale value! 

Anyone who has heard the w4 and the Jh5 comment?

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I have had both.


Unamped, JH5 destroys W4 in every regard, period.  With amp, JH5 excels even more but I have not had the opportunity to use W4 amped.


Do not worry about resale value with JH5.  Trust me, you won't be re-selling it.  It's one of those IEM's you will have forever whether it be a front-runner for you or a back-up.

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thank you so so much (:

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Gonna be a proud owner of JH5s soon!

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Heard the demos! I definitely like them and like you said, it can be summed up in three precise words; " DBAs on steroids".

Just got my friend's JH5s for SGD$250! Gonna email JH if they can do a refit of the JH5 to my ear, so that i can retain the warranty. It still has about 17 months of warranty!

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Having a slight glint of hope as my friend refitted his JH13 about 70 days after receiving them... he had to pay though. Initially the fit was good but he said the left canal seemed abit loose. After some time i guess he just couldn't take it i guess. So yeah still hoping >.< If not i'll just go with UM or Gcustoms. Both reshells for below $200.

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Jh Audio will just do redits for the original costumers, like we said before. I just don,t like reshels, because I won't know if I'm getting the full potencial and original sound off the reshelled JH5. Thats my opinion, but I hope you get the best sound from your new custom.
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Well.. i could ask my friend to use his name to send my impressions over. So yeah it'll be from the "original" customer. Why won't they retain the warranty though? Still awaiting their reply..

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Originally Posted by ahmadmfz View Post

Well.. i could ask my friend to use his name to send my impressions over. So yeah it'll be from the "original" customer. Why won't they retain the warranty though? Still awaiting their reply..

Hi ahmadmfz,


I think it will be very clear that the impressions is from a different person,and they will not except it, as far as I know. JH AUDIO will not retain the warrant if you use a company to reshel the JH5 like UM, because you are violating the warranty.

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Noted (: Thank you guys!

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"HeadphoneAddict, I recall somewhere that the Westone 4 was supposed to be the universal version of the ES5 but I can't recall where. Are they similar enough where you can call the Westone 4 that?" - rawrster


"The W4 sound a little smoother than the UM3X which I still love.  And they have a little bigger soundstage vs the UM3X, like the ES5 do over the ES3X.  It's not as deep as the W3 which can seem slightly recessed with some tips or amps, nor is it as forward and on-stage as the UM3X.  And the W4 seems to do a better job of surrounding you with music, like the ES5.  They tell me that they spent a lot of time working on maintaining good phase alignment between the drivers (or timing, whatever), which helps with good instrument placement on the mini-stage, while the air and ambience of the room or hall surrounds you.  It does seem that they were shooting for the ES5 sound in a universal IEM. " - headphoneaddict


those are probably the things i read that lead me to believe that...


anyhow, how does everyone here find the JH5 for picking apart music?  I realize that instrumental separation isn't going to be nearly as good as the UM3X and Westone 4, but is it still above average?


and also, how is detail in the highest of highs and lowest of lows on the JH5, am I going to feel underwhelmed going from a 4 driver iem to a 2 driver?


Originally Posted by Anaxilus View Post


Where did you read that?  I've only read a few people who didn't know what they were talking about 'hope the W4 is a universal ES5'.  Westone has never said that and I've never read that from anyone worth the salt.  That's just completely false and should not be spread around.  Listen to an ES5 demo and a W4 and hear the difference.



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