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My review of the Phiaton PS200

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Even if Phiaton are a newcomer on the high-end earphone market they are part of Cresyn Company, a very well renowned name on the audio scene. Their new Phiaton PS200 dual balanced armature IEM is ready to take a share of the market.

Dual balanced armature, one for low and one for mid/high frequencies
Frequency range: 8 Hz – 30 KHz
Impedance: 39 Ohm
Sensitivity: 95dB/mW
RRP: $249 / £150

Build quality and accessories.
The housing is all aluminium as well as the splitter, the build quality is very impressive, to say the least. The cable is 120cm/47in with a straight jack, the cable itself is quite stiff with what appears to be a plastic coating. The included accessories are, three pairs of different sized silicone sleeves (S, M and L), a airline jack/adapter and a excellent case with cable management and accessory storage.

Comfort and fit.
The PS200’s are quite large but the shape of them makes the fit perfect, they are light and thanks to the design they are very comfortable. The PS200’s can be worn with the cable running over the ear as well as straight down. Isolation from ambient noise is very good and the cable has minimal microphonic noise.

Sound quality.
The purpose built dual armatures, that are specifically designed for handling the lower and upper frequencies with the help of a passive crossover, produce a full bodied sound. The PS200’s have a nice rumble and attack down low and smoothly involving mids as well as clean and sparkling highs. The high quality bass is tight and fast but even so, the amount may not be enough for the bass lovers. The detail in mids and highs is good, but the most impressive feature of the PS200’s sound is the soundstage. The soundstage is very wide and has good positioning with a nice presentation and a clear instrument separation. One could say that they sound more like full-sized headphones instead of IEM’s. My favourite tracks, and any other music that I tried with the PS200’s sound crisp and full of energy, and big so to speak. As an added bonus they respond very well to the use of EQ and DSP.
Overall the sound they produce is highly enjoyable and has a great combination of detail and energy wrapped into a big soundstage.

To sum up.
The good: sound quality and soundstage, build quality, comfort and noise isolation are all top class and the excellent case deserves a special mention.
The bad: they are not cheap, the bass response may not be enough for bassheads, they are not easily available to purchase in store.

The Phiaton PS200 are rather expensive, but at the $250/£150 pricepoint they offer a combination of sound quality, build quality, comfort/isolation and accessory pack that very few, if any, other IEM’s can match.
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Thank you for this review, I had been looking into these and your review was quite helpful. Do you have any other IEMs to compare these to?
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Other IEM's I've heard include ATH-CK10, ATH-CK9, Klipsch S4, Soundmagic PL50 and a few more. The CK10's are the best I've heard and the PS200's are second best.
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Thanks for the review. Similar case to the Panasonic HJE900.

Do you know which other tips would fit these?
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They use small stem tips, Shure SE and the like. The PS200's are really good, shame more people haven't heard them.
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i'm getting pair!!
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Originally Posted by mp3 View Post
They use small stem tips, Shure SE and the like. The PS200's are really good, shame more people haven't heard them.
They do seem nice, but the price tag is quite hefty, especially these days when there are so many IEMs in the market, makes it really hard to choose.
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I'll be buying a pair soon. I listened to them in a shop in Busan, Korea. My only concern was the eartips which they let me use, the medium sized ones. Maybe the smaller ones would be better or an alternative.

I was happy with the detail of these phones, aswell as the mids. The bass wasn't slamming, which I don't want anyway. But with the Go Vibe Petite used as amplification the bass was more punchy. So the bass is there but maybe a touch lightweight for some, but punchier than the Etymotic ER4P. These were my impressions from the store demo.

I didn't think I'd be looking for another pair of phones, but my Klipsch Image X5 wires broke. I liked them, due to the SQ and isolation/comfort, but am disappointed with the cable.

I'll get the Phiaton PS200 as a back up to my Panasonic HJE900 (hugely under-rated) for when I require more isolation than the Panasonics whilst on the subway. Although the Panasonics isolation isn't too bad, just not as good as Etys, Klipsch, Sleek Auido etc.
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got a demo pair of these for 160$ at earphonesolutions, so not too bad...

on ebay, there's a pair too i think (for not too much)...

Actually Panasonics are not underrated, it's just the fact that nobody knows about them as well as limited availability...
Was looking at them for a while too, but in terms of isolation, i don't think they would cut it...

you guys in korea can listen to these in stores, but in Europe or US, no way...

Like to have a comparison between the Phiatons and Panasonics if you have the chance, kojebee...
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Good review! Agree your the bad point in your sum up, it is not cheap.
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thanks for the review

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