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Interest check on a Baltimore meet

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I am wondering if there would be any interest in a meet in Baltimore MD. I would need someone else to do the organizing really because I am not good at that, but I would like to see if there is any interest.
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As a newbie I'm not entirely sure how much help I would be for organizing a meet, but with a little guidance I may be a logistical wizard. Other than that, I would be very interested in a Baltimore area meet...
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Oh, hai, reporting in.
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I would be interested.
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I'm a newb but I would be interested.
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I would be interested, too.
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Basically, someone just needs to find a place to have it. Maybe start a poll first to see what date is best for everyone.

We just had a DC meet today at a Myer-Emco. We had one in the spring at a library. The 2 before that were at hotels. That costs money and there are rules for in a sticky on what you can do to pay for a room.
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Unfortunately I have moved since then and now am in southern Maryland, far away from people .
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How about around the new year long weekend? I will be very interested in meeting with people.
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