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IC: WTT Ack dAck for USB DAC - SOLD!

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I want to use my computer to serve my music but the Ack dAck 2.0 I have doesn't support USB, plus I'm curious about the sound of other DACs.

If you want to try out a very good filterless NOS DAC, the Ack dAck is for you. Its sound has been described by many as musical and "vinyl-like". If you're not familar with it, check out the Ack Industries website:

Ack! Industries

This is the Ack dAck 2.0 with the ultra-resolution Teflon output caps. I am the second owner and purchased it from Head-Fier SACD Lover in April 2006. It has been my main source but it has been treated very well, in a pet and smoke free environment. Outside of a few meets, the unit has never been left on for more than 4 hours at a time. I have never changed the battery but it still seems to have plenty of juice. Although not needed at this point, a new battery is available from Ack for $75.

The unit comes with the original box, manual and digital cable with BNC to RCA adapter as well as the wall charger for the battery.

I would value the Ack at around $365 (new $880), considering the unit is 3 years old and will eventually need a new battery. To determine that I depreciated the value by 50% and subtracted an additional $75 for a new battery, even though this one still has juice.

I am looking for a DAC of equal value and am also willing to add some cash for the right deal. Your unit should be in very good condition and should function as designed. High hours OK, as long as it is not excessive. I don't really have a specific DAC in mind to trade for. My only other requirement is that it has a USB input.
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I reassessed the value of the DAC to $365. This takes into account 50% depreciation from the original price and an additional -$75 to compensate for the fact that you will need to eventually replace the battery. So, I would be looking for a DAC that has a street value of approximately the same amount.

I would also entertain a temporary or trial trade, where it would only be permanent if both parties were satisfied. Each party would be responsible for shipping costs. This way we would both get to try out a different DAC with very little risk or cost.

I might also entertain a straight sale at $385, including shipping and any applicable fees.
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I'd be interested in a V-DAC, DACMagic or similar.
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I think a Squeezebox might be a good solution for me too.
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I'm still curious about trying out an oversampling DAC so I'll push this up in case anyone's interested in a trade.

But I think I'm just going to get some kind of converter to run from my computer into the DAC. I've thought about the Musiland and Trends boxes, but now I see that Creative has a Digital I/O module I could use with my soundcard.

Sound Blaster Digital I/O Module - Add optical and coaxial digital I/O to your Sound Blaster equipped PC.

For $15 I don't think I can go wrong.
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Interested in buying your ack dack

I am interested in buying your DAC.

Would you ship to Canada? (I am in Montreal).

I have very good feedback on Canuck audio, under my name, Jocelyn Drolet.

I currently have an Audiomat tango 2.5 DAC for sale; by using the search function, you could double check the very positive feedback I have there.

You could ship by USPS to canada very easily (I guess there is one international form to fill out, so that the unit would not be stuck at the border).

Thanks in advance,

Jocelyn Drolet
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Let me think about your offer. I've been listening to the DAC lately and have enjoyed it. I was looking for more of a trade but I might be interested in selling. I'll get back to you shortly.
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Hi again

I am not very familiar with posting (I did not found the 'post a personal message-) button to give you my email.

Could you write me back at the following:

I am still very interested to buy your DAC.

Thanks again,

Jocelyn Drolet
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Originally Posted by joce View Post
Could you write me back...
Email sent
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The DAC has now been sold. Thanks for all the inquiries.
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