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Headphone Crackle Problem

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My beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80's have started to develop a problem lately.
Basically whats happening is that on some songs, not all of the songs I play, the headphones start to crackle a little bit on the left and right speakers. This crackle dosen't happen all the way through the songs but only on certain parts (like a guitar solo or when the vocals get really intense).

I'll just give you a bit of a backround information about my cans so you don't have to ask to many questions to help find out whats wrong.

I've only owned these headphones for about a week and during this time I have done a little bit of a burn in. My burn in consisted of 12 hours of playing a playlist of my favourite music at a moderate volume, 10-11 hours of pink noise and 12 hours of Drum and Bass music. All that was done with the graphic equlizer flat (if that makes any difference).

Now before I go any further I don't want any debate about the burn in process. I tried to have a discussion about burn in a few minuets ago and it was like pouring petrol on to the fire. The only reason I mentioned about the burn in was because I did this straight out of the box. So I don't know if the headphones weren't ready to have that constant use put upon them straight away.

I only use ACC and Mp3 format that are about 256kps so I don't think the crackle is down to bad quality songs. Also, the songs I listen to are modern day recordings, so I think the actual recording process would have been of good standard.

Because the cable is bit long I did run over it once with my office chair so I don't know if that would of done anything. There was no noticeable decrease in sound quality after that.

I just wanted to run this past you guys first before I do anything. I'm well pleased with these cans so I'd really appreciate your help to solve why headphones are crackleing on certain songs.

Look forward to reading your comments!!

edit: I normally use these headphones with my Mp3 player/moblie phone (Nokia 5310 Xpress Music) but regarding the songs that crackle, I have played those songs with my headphones through a philips cd/dvd player, Mp3 player/moblie phone and my computer and those songs still crackle at the same place.

Also I don't use any amp with my headphones.
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Do the same songs crackle at the same places when you play the music over speakers? If it does, it's your CD drive skipping while it's ripping your CDs.

The other thing you might be doing is clipping your amp. You might be asking the amp to give you a peak to peak voltage higher than what it is able to provide. You'll get that crackling sound too when you clip an amp. To test this, reduce the volume, play the same song again and see if it crackles. Clipping is bad for your headphone drivers.
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Thanks for the comment EugeneK. I don't think its the CD drive skipping while it's ripping CDs because I've played the cd through a cd player and it still crackles on the certain songs. Do you think I could of damaged the drivers by playng them to loud upon first listen? The volume I put them on was just a bit louder then how I would listen to music, but maybe the drivers are sensitive when being brand new. Anyone else have a suggestion on why I get this crackle?
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To test for clipping:

1. Find the spot on the track where you get the crackle on the track on normal volume
2. Reduce the volume to 50% and replay the same spot

If you DO NOT hear crackling after steps 1 and 2, then you are clipping your amp at normal volume - you need a more powerful amp.

Wikipedia has a decent article on clipping: Clipping (audio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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