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What I think... GS1000 vs RS1 vs RS2... and vs SR80. - Page 3

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Thanks Erd for your across the line Grado comparisons. Thinking about an GS1000 myself (to add to HF-2 - wished I could have purchased two!) so my both my wife and I can listen at the same time. It's interesting how some other folks say the GS1000 is such a different beast altogether. Then again same thing with the HF-2. To me the balance of the HF-2 was exactly what I was looking for (slightly more bass, toned down treble, nice Grado liquid midrange).

Interesting comments on RS-2 though (which I own since I couldn't stand the ear-splitting nature of the recent buttonless non-"i" version of the RS-1). Of course the new "i" versions of all the Grados may change things a bit (less peaky treble) so I'm trying to decide between GS-1000 and RS-1i.
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that's definitely a SR80i. those also look like RS2i's and RS1i's because they don't have square rods. are you sure they're not the improved version? how thick is the cable on those?
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I own the GS1ki, RS2, HF1 and HF2.

If I were to keep two, it would be the GS1ki and the RS2.

The GS1k soundstage is unique and hard to beat. The bass just digs deep but it tight and controlled.

The RS2 are comfortable (so damn small and lightweight) and you don't look like a dork wearing them on public transport or on the plane. The sound? Agree with original poster. I think they are good all-round cans.
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Great post,informative,yet hilarious.
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Glad someone talks about the RS2, itsn't it amazing the lack of press it gets on head-fi?. I just spent a week comparing the RS2i to a wooden MS1. The RS2i was returned for the main reason that it did not faithfully reproduce the tone of electric guitars as well as the MS1's. The RS2's had a little better resolution butI couldn't overlook the inaccuracy in tone and body of the instruments and singers.

I really want to compare the wooden MS1s to the MS-Pros, too bad Allesandro doesn't have a good return policy.
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I'll try not to use words like warm, bright, fast, etc. to describe sound since I'm not exactly sure myself what they mean. I'll use simple words like detail, bass, treble, since we can all agree what kind of sound they represents.

OK, so you have 1 pair of reasonably priced Grados and 3 pairs of expensive Grados, and you arent exactly sure what *bright* means ??
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Haha! Def one of the more entertaining reviews I've read here - thanks

Bump for others to enjoy again
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