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Help: Amp for K1000

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I will get an AKG K1000 in few days and i dont have any setup to power it up. My current setup is flac -> DAC Magic -> Gilmore Lite -> AKG601. I guess the most feasible solution would be to replace my Gilmore lite with a suitable amp. My budget is around 200-350 pounds. My research so far has given me the following options.

1. A Red Wine Audio modified Teac AL700P is for sale for around 240 pounds. Reviews suggest that they are good.

2. Some MINI hifi system (DENON, TEAC) which contains a CD Player and a USB input with a built in amplifier. This option will help me to get rid of my DAC Magic hence saving my wallet a bit.

3. Some dedicated speaker amplifier which falls within my budget. Not sure how much watts is sufficient and i dont want to blow the K1000 by buying a powerful amp. Also I can use the amp to power my speakers.

Owners of K1000, please suggest? I am ok if the setup can deliver 95% of what the K1000 can deliver.
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I'm in the same position as you. My k1000s arrived just yesterday.

Luckily for me I have the choice of severeral different amps:

Darkvoice 337 (probably has the power to drive the k1000s but I don't have an xlr to 1/4 jack converter)

PopPulse t150 (t-amp based on the ta2022 chip)

CitySpot 2020 (t-amp based on the ta2020 chip).

Currently I have the k1000s hooked up to the tiny CitySpot 2020 amplifier (with a couple of 6.8Ohm resistors).

This solution is sounding superb and it very nicely compliments the headphones qualities. It also provides plenty of power.

The 2020 is meant to be the best sounding of all tripaths chips and offers more body and slightly higher power than t-amps built around the 2024 chip.

I have not yet tried the PopPulse t150 with the cans though will probably get around to testing later today..
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If you can get 95% out of the K1000 with your budget, I think your doing very well indeed. The amps you've listed are hard to recommend without auditioning, have you searched the various K1000 threads to give you a better idea? Don't rush the purchase carefully evaluate the needs of the K1000 a bad choice will be depremental.
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Any amplifier putting out 3-5 watts should be able to drive the K1000.
Just being able to drive the K1000 is just part of the deal though, as the end result depend quite heavily on the quality/sound signature of the amplifier.

My second K1000 pair came with a Trends Audio TA-10, a small cheap speaker amplifier. It does not perform on par with my two other amplifiers, but it does not sound that bad either.

I suggest you read some of the K1000 threads around here. Quite some with suggestions/impressions of suitable amplifiers which does not cost an arm and a leg.

Happy listening!
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The K-1000 manual calls for a speaker amp with an output of 8W or more. Don't worry about more powerful amps - I run mine off a 45W amp with no troubles.
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Required reading. to understand the power needs of a K1000
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I am hoping to get a K1000 soon, and would like to drive it w/o hooking to the grid. To that effect I hope to use my Isabellina HPA to feed a Signature 30.2 which would drive the K1000. For a source I have spoken w/ Vinnie to build a battery pack using his sealed lead acid system to power a Wadia i170 in which I will place an iPod loaded w/ Apple Lossless files.

Is any of you running something like this? If so what is your experience?
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As long as the amp can deliver about 11V RMS/1 Watt at 120ohms, you'll be fine. So a headphone amp such as the Phoenix can drive the K1000 properly.
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I have narrowed down to the following amps,

Firestone Audio Little Country III
Sonic Impact T-Amp
Red Wine Audio modified Teac AL700P

Still searching for more choices..

Would a entry level amplifier like NAD C326BEE, Cambridge Audio Azur 650A, Marantz PM6002, Rotel RA-04 or Pioneer A-A6 power K1000 better than the above list of amplifiers?
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