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This is a place where some people pursuit a subtle thing with big expense.

Ordinary people can think that we are crazy who willingly spend big money for this subtle thing, which is negligible or nothing to them.

However this different point of view makes a world more diverse place.biggrin.gif

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Is there anyone who uses Matrix-Mjolnir combination?

I want to know the SQ.

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Ordinary people can think that we are crazy who willingly spend big money for this subtle thing,


I certainly don't think people are crazy to pursue perfection in there quest, whatever it is. I've just learned personally that always looking for the next "best" thing can sometimes leave a person with a sense of things never being good enough. This can detract from the enjoyment of things as they are now, which after all is the only time there is to experience/enjoy anything.


If your audio component purchase will enhance your listening experience (and you can really afford it)...go for it. Just don't let upgraditis get in the way of appreciating/enjoying what you have at the moment.


It's true that some are willing to pay a great deal of money to eek out a very tiny improvement in SQ. I don't know that I would be that kind of "audiophile" even if I could afford it. I suppose it's good that some are willing to do so as it can help drive designers and manufacturers to try to produce better components.


When it's a matter of prestige, ie. to spend more for it to seem better because it costs more, or has a particular brand name, I believe it's a waste of resources.

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Is there any US based seller where I can get a Mini-i?

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Sorry for the late reply but I think you need to use eBay or buy direct from Matrix.


Here's a used one for about $100 less that's in the States:


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Hello, anyone have problems with turning off analog outputs when headphones are plugged to Matrix? No mather what I do I always have sound on my speakers and headphones. I tried spdif, coaxial and usb input but it's all the same - plugging headphones don't cut sound for other outputs.
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You have to manually turn off headphone/preamp mode.  Hold the front dial wheel in while turning on the power.  Select HP off then press wheel.

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No luck -I tried this already, beside this I have also high noise from USB input interfering when USB cable is connected to all outputs.

BTW I have firmware version 1.3RM

As I said with USB connection I hear a lot of noise and plugging headphones don't cut other outputs.
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The guy I bought it from, coolfungadget, I think was a computer tech and helped me a whole lot when I first got my unit.  Try emailing him.

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The USB input is the Mini-i's weak link, it sounds much better when using the other inputs.

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Odp: Matrix Mini-i Balanced DAC+HP amp

So USB SPDIF converter would be better and I will have more support than current 48 kHz / 24 bit. But one problem still occur - plugging headphones don't cut off other outputs. I'm waiting for response from that eBay seller - maybe I'll be able to make fw upgrade to solve this issue.

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Yes. a converter really improves things. I used a V-link 192 with mine; it uses XMOS tech for USB which is arguably the best, and it has AES/EBU (XLR) as well which is the best hookup for the Mini-i.

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Hello to all


I have just purchased the Mini-i and I have 2 questions for the more experienced users: 


A - can I set the analog output of the Mini-i to a fix position (to connect directly to a pre-amplifier) and keeping the volume control ajustable on the headphones output?


The manual only presents a setup for 2 options:

- fixed volume on the analog ouput and the headphone output doesn work

- variable volume on both analogue output and headphone output


B - Is the Mini-i upgradable thru firmware? If so how is it done?



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1. No


2. Not that I know of.

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