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Originally Posted by acolyte289 View Post
My amp3 pro2 has stopped recognizing my 16gb microsd memory card. ... Any suggestions?
Are there tracks on the internal storage? Earlier, someone had trouble with the external card not being seen by the AMP3 when there were no tracks on their internal storage. When they added just a few tracks to their internal storage and recycled power, bingo!, the external card was seen as well.

If there are tracks on the internal storage, then I'd agree with (way above) average_joe that a re-installation of the firmware with which the 16GB card has been successfully used would be a good next step.
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Problem resolved. Just formatted the internal storage and it was good to go again. I did go ahead and put the newer firmware on it but the card still didn't work until I formatted the internal memory.

I had a good 3gb of music on the internal storage. It just stopped recognizing any music on the card (the extra file space still showed up on the settings menu), I think after the card unintentionally came out when it was in my pocket.

Thanks for the help guys. Seems as good as new again now.

On a side note, I really wish the storage browser would order by file name and not the order in which the files and folders are created on the device. Very irritating when windows will not copy onto device in order of filename (in this case I was placing music directly from foobar2000 converter, still have filenames starting with track number that do not show up in order). And of course sucks for adding additional stuff since new folders, etc always show up at the bottom.
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Originally Posted by acolyte289 View Post
Problem resolved. Just formatted the internal storage and it was good to go again. ... And of course sucks for adding additional stuff since new folders, etc always show up at the bottom.
First of all, glad to read that you've got access to all of your storage back.

One thing that helps a little with the pain of how the External Storage Manager handles adding music to the card is:
When External is entered from the Storage Manager menu, and the position is at the beginning of the list, hitting the up-arrow (at the top of the circle button) jumps the position to the end of the list. Subsequent presses of the up-arrow scroll back through the list. The most-recently added music is always the closest to access in this reverse direction. If you already knew that then, "Never Mind!"

In general, I find that I want to listen the most to what I've most recently added, so it turns out to not be as bad as it could be. For me, I'd say that it actually works out pretty well. But, our contentment with storage management will vary quite a bit between and among us.
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I am confuse, why my AMP3 battery life only reach about 24 hour.
I am using AMP3, 8 hours a day, and about 4 days, the battery need to charge (empty).
At first, i thing it because i use memory card. But after i not using memory card again, it still about 24hour only.
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Yeah I know about using the up-arrow. My problem is that I like to organize my folder structure as artist/album/ and I like to slowly add to the card and I end up having to just guess which way will scroll me to the artist I want when I get a fair number of artists on it. For now I am organizing by [sub]genre/artist/album/ but I don't like having to classify music beyond just classical, rock, and metal.

On the positive side of things I am really appreciating the play folder feature. But afraid to fill my card too fast cause of the terrible load times that result.
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Do you have stock of Amp3 Pro2 or if there any newest Amp3?. Thanks!



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I was wondering the same thing...haven't heard much of anything about the new Amp3...knew that some folks had some beta samples at one time of a new version, but nothing else other than that. Would love to see a new version with an upgraded interface, user controls and a line out.

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Hey, did the firmware upgrade help with your freezing issues? I have the same problem but i already have FW 5.42 installed. I am really upset with this faulty product. This thing at least freezes a couple of times each day ... 

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If there is anyone or any hint that can help me sort out the freezing issue, i would much appreciate it!!!

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Any news with a new amp3?? I would like to have one for my holidays o2smile.gif



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i dont think whiplash sell it anymore, they even still not send my pre-ordered Studio since 1 year 3 months ago until now


Mr. Craig and Mr. Mike: can i change to other item?? i am already tired for waiting

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Hey a_tumiwa,


I actually PM'd you a while back to verify your address. We sent your amp out a few times but it keeps getting sent back to us.



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Does anyone have the download for the firmware update for the pro2?(or knows where I can get it)  I think it is v5.42.     thanks

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Originally Posted by jelt2359 View Post

Wait so after Studio I we'll have Studio II to look forward to, which will actually be the one that incorporates user feedback?

Or is Studio I the one that is developed based on head-fi opinions?

Who can give an answer? It's very long now, Would you pls post it here?
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