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so, should op get a, not junky, but inexpensive sound card as well as a DAC/Amp?
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not really, he/she could go with a USB DAC+Amp. Only reason why I use my sound card because I already have it.
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I would skip the Zero due to reliability issues, but the Compass is a great starting point/bang for buck value.
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Compass showed me a REAL step in DAC amp that portables just cant cut into, at home. Huge difference. Get one they are extremely good price for what you get. Just $40~ more than a D10 and you get a NICE amp/dac.
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How would the Compass compare to my current E-MU 0404 and Mini^3 setup?
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X2 for the Compass. I've been very pleased with the DAC/Amp combo unit, which is built like a tank. The previous comments about it being a "swiss army knife" are right on. It has USB, coax, & optical digital inputs. Aside from it's DAC & HP amp duties, you can also use it as a pre-amp, if necessary.
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are there any stores that sell compass amps within canada?
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I think most people would buy them straight from china. Unless you guys have something like Pacific Valve & Electric Company Home Page which imports them to the states.
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Originally Posted by hoth17 View Post
If you do:
computer/sound card -> DAC -> Amp -> headphones

does that make a sound card pointless?
I think it would make the sound card

If you're using the Xonar or something
where you customized the op-amps (eg., a
Burson discrete op-amp), etc, I think
you would not want to use a DAC
& use the RCA analog outputs of your
sound card to the amp instead.
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can someone recommend the best headphones under 200 and a dac/amp under 150 ? please and thank you in advanceĀ 

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For about 200 you can have AT esw9s. I agree with the compass suggestion but if you are looking for something cheaper, a friend of mine really likes his y1 dac which can be had for dirt cheap(diy). Then you'd only need an amp.

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