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I’ve had 3 different transactions with Jimmy so far involving high-end gear.

He paid promptly, let me know when the items arrived and was an all around great guy to deal with.

It doesn’t get any better. He’s an outstanding member of Head-Fi!

Highly recommended.

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Sold Ety4P

Sold him my pair of ety 4P's Good communication, super fast payment.

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Jimmy sold me a set a headphones. He sent them priority at his own expense. They arrived in excellent condition. He kept me posted every step of the way so there never was any question in my mind about what was happening. Great deal from an excellent head-fier.
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Bought the oehlbach 120ohm adapter from jpleg. Received it in EXCELLENT condition. Will definitely do business with jpleg again in the future. Highly recommended.
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Bought Senn 414 pads

I bought some Senn 414 pads with cutouts from him and it was a pleasure to deal with him. I would gladly buy something from him again. He packed the pads very carefully and they arrived when he said they would. Thanks!
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Bought some Ety foam tips from James. Pleasure to do biz with and he sent them out immediately. Definitely recommended.
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Bought a Xin SuperMini from him. Fast to reply, quick to ship, and just easy to do business with. Many of the deadbeats I deal with on other forums could take a lesson from him. This is how online person to person sales are SUPPOSED to be like. Thanks again
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I recently purchased a Bechmark DAC1 from Jimmy.
I think in the beginning he was a bit concerned about dealing overseas.
It ended in the perfect deal.He got a decent price for his DAC and I've got an extraordinary versatile DAC/headamp not available in Germany.
Two happy head-fiers, who can ask for more.
After payment had arrived he shipped the DAC immediately and kept me informed.Highly recommended.
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I bought a Sony NS500V DVD/SACD player from him. Player was packed very well and was exactly as described. Very courteous and professional seller. I'd love to do business with him again!
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Jim was kind enough to let me audition his Maestrobator in his home; when I bought it, I ended up sending him one check and then because of timing issues, having to hand-deliver him another (Don't ask me to explain). The check I sent him was returned to me via mail without ever having been opened. Excellent transaction, totally righteous dude!
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I purchased Grado RS1s from Jimmy.
This was our second deal, and it was perfect again.
Buy with confidence from him, he's someone you can trust.
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Jimmy paid so fast that I had payment before I could respond to his second PM. Super easy to deal with and a real pleasure to boot. Thanks Jimmy!
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Jimmy is a class act - I'm loving this metal case for the MS-2s! Now where to hide it...*looks under the bed* Thanks again!
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Bought a pair of TTVJ flat pads from Jpelg, shipping was very quick, they were well packed, and overall it was a great experience, thanks!
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I bought a Panasonic pcdp from Jim. It was exquisitely packed, and Jim was kind enough to chill for a few days while I transferred some funds into Paypal. Recommended, as always.
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