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Freebie!! Posted about needed a short IC. Jpelg came through with a reply and sent a Free, that's right I said FREE IC just the right length. This is definitely a buyer to trust and have faith in.
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I just bought a set of ATH-W2002 from Jimmy. The description of the headphones was precise and accurate, the shipping was fast and it was well packed. Communication throughout the deal was great. He really seems to be a genuine enthusiast and even steered me toward an amplifer that synergizes well with the headphones. In short, this was about as perfect a deal as you could ask for!

EDIT - Speeling!
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Another great deal done with jpelg!!!!!!!!! The K-1000 are in perfect condition along with the wooden box and all the other goodies. Thanks. A++++
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Equinox cable

Purchased an Equinox cable from jpeig for the K-1000. Received it in perfect condition and he shipped it quickly. I would definitely deal with him again.
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I just purchased a Rega Planet 2000 from Jimmy. He sent the Planet out as soon as he received my payment. I received the Planet in excellent shape and nicely packed. Good communication throughout. Overall, an excellent transaction and I would not hesitate to do business with Jimmy again.
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Just completed another deal with James. Everyone has been nothing short of perfect.(fast and easy with peace of mind) Hope you dig the phones! I give my highest rating.
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Excellent Transaction

I sold jimmy an amplifier. He said he wanted it, he paid immediately and he let me know as soon as it arrived.

Can’t ask for a better buyer or smoother sale.



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I purchased an iPod from jpelg and I couldn't be happier. I had a few questions about the iPod at first (since I really knew nothing about them) and Jimmy answered me clearly, quickly, and was really friendly at all times.

The packaging job he did was terrific, there was no way the iPod could have been damaged, and it came quickly as well.

I would not hesitate at all to buy/sell from jpelg again. Thanks Jimmy!
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I bought AKG K340 headphones from Jimmy. Very fast, good communication, EXCELLENT packaging. All round great seller.
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Lucky Recipient of HPA-1

Bought an HPA-1 amp from Jimmy -- EXEMPLARY salesperson -- packaged product VERY well, w/ invoice, shipped in a timely manner, and quick communication. Will definitely do business w/ him again
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Jimmy bought a power cord from me. He paid extremely quickly and his e-mails were rapid and very friendly. He is definitely a great guy to do business with and receives my highest recommendation.
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jpelg paid for a modification immediately, is very easy to work with, and I hope to work with him again. Very recommended.
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Bought a pair of HD600s from Jimmy. They arrived in PERFECT shape, were shipped quickly and were very reasonably priced. Highly recommended seller! Thanks!
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sold jimmy some senn pads. Quick pm's and fast payment. can't possibly ask for anything more from a buyer. Recommended, thanks!
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Jimmy sold me a pair of Sennheiser HD414 replacement pads. I paid via paypal and received the pads within a week very impressive since I live in Canada.
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