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Really? Even your laptop struggles? I only have to turn them up to 25% or 40% if its a quiet song when running off my laptop. Although it is a Dell XPS so maybe it just has a more powerful output, who knows. Also i think they only sound different when run through my laptop coz of the equaliser i have set on itunes. Thats one thing i dont like about iphone is that you cant have a custom equaliser, only the standerd ones. I usually just use it with no equaliser, it still sounds pretty decent.


Does anyone know what the input power of the HD 448's is? Ive seen a huge range of different power inputs for other brands from 50mW all the way up to 2000mW

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they are meant to be a portable set for mp3 player usage, they are most likely around 40-60mw

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yeah my laptop struggles a bit when i listen to more bass-heavy songs at max volume. but just a bit. I have a Sony vaio VGN-SR36GN if you wanna know.


btw i really recommend the Creative soundblaster play for laptops it makes the sound clearer and also boosts the volume.





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I got these yesterday. I currently have the Sennheiser HD 595, but I wanted a pair of headphones that don't leak so much sound and I can listen to music on the train and bus. Frankly, I am very impressed. They need about 50 hours of burn-in. The magnet drivers do a good job and deliver detailed and bright mids and highs, and play punchy bass with an iPod or iPhone. On a computer the quality reduces. These play perfectly on an iPod, they don't need an amplifier because it has 32 ohm impedance. It leaks a bit of sound but it is very comfortable - the leatherette vinyl does its job well. I highly recommend these headphones to people who want good sound quality on-the-go. It is also quite stylish!

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Fail Sennheiser? lmao, you need an amp with most of their headphones broham.

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Reading these pages with much interest and anticipation.Mainly because I am awaiting the delivery of my own 448s.While reasonable compared to many,it has been years since I paid even this much for a set of cans.My two boys,moved out now,while they were growing up could empty a refrigerator in a couple of days. LOL This will be my first foray towards a higher end personal listening experience.Just want to say thanks to all who have posted the copious amount of information here.

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Hi all!  New here officially this is post #1!  I've been trolling around for about a week since finding this great resource.  I've just recently ordered a Bottlehead Crack OTL Headphone amp (don't have it yet)...and now researching headphones for the amp.  I'm checking out the HD448s, but I believe amp is really made for a higher impedance headphone.  I have a young family, etc...so going out and spending gobs of cash on cans will never work...first off, I could never justify the money (not now, but give it a few years)...second, the kids would somehow someway figure out how to gain access to, then destroy them.  So I'm really looking for something in the sub $150 catagory (read: something I won't miss TOOO much if destroyed) that will enable me to enjoy my various sources, from CD, to Apple Lossless, etc etc etc on this particular amp. 


A bit about me.  I've been trying to decide on what direction to take for quite some time now...speakers, vs headphones.  My background is as both a live sound and studio tech.  I have a great ear for quality...and a great ear for good headphones, AND studio monitors.  I just feel headphones for me, right now, make the most sense.  I don't have an extra room in the house to dedicate to speakers and setting things up the way I would want them, and everywhere else there are kids and their things.  Ever heard a Paradigm Studio 60 with crayons and baseballs in it?  'nuff said.


Anyway, I travel a lot for work, so again, being able to be portable, compact, just makes sense.  I'm feeling out opinions on the HD448s.  Seems there are mixed reviews here on bass response, which honestly, my Shure EC-3s have none of anyway...LOL!   I do need to know if anyone has tried these cans on tubes though...I'm hoping the bass "issues" I've been reading are made better by tubes in this case?


Anyway, if anyone can chime in here, or honestly point me in another direction if you think I'd be better off someplace else (another brand, model, etc), I'd sure appreciate it!


Thanks all!



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I've got the HD428's and I honestly don't have anything to complain about the bass response they've got (but I've rewired and don't know what they sound like to begin with) - and I have always been partial to a flatter frequency curve. So the 448's just might fit your needs smily_headphones1.gif

However, I have a question to the others who have posted in this thread - if you're still there, that is lol
When I received my HD428's, the left side didn't work and had to be rewired:
Finished product, with considerably thicker wire & dual entry - http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/8619/10009354606088.jpg
Also, there was a hole poked through the white diaphragm like material on the ear side of the housing (I didn't do it):

Considering my location, I didn't bother to send them back (~3-4 weeks return trip + about $50 shipping.. the price I paid for them). Anyway, is there anything I can do to repair this? I have pondered some tape, but considering the fragile feel of the material, that kind of modification might be permanent.
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I just did the mod on my 448's. Sounds good. I love my RE0's, and their sound, I wish the 448's had the clean tight bass the re0's had. The 448's are so loose.

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had the 448 *gave them to my grandma for Christmas* and I loved them for the time I had them, but I upgraded to the ultrasone HFI-580, the 448 are a great can for the price,l mostly geared towards more classical listening aspects.

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I read through this whole thread, mods and all, got them ordered. Just :D


I was wondering if there's anyone who owns 448 also has/had Philips SBC-HD1500(u) . Had these for two years. How would 448 stack up against HD1500(u) ?

I found HD1500's brilliant, untill one day i dropped them good and bass was gone from one ear. And in general flimsy build of electronics housing, cracked, had to

slap some epoxy on to keep em in one piece. And knowing that HD1500's are out of production AND i the price for the headphones themselves (no amp) is a bit

on a stupid side... (Philips SBC-HD1500u's are wireless DIGITAL (not RF or IR) headphones with an amp/DD/DTS/PLII decoder).


At the moment i'm using Technics RP-F350, cheapo, but held out for nearly 8 years until couple days ago my daughter ripped the cord out of the headphone.

Could fix, but figured its time for a change.


I'm a versatile listener, bach/vivaldi to metallica/paradise lost. Also moderate gamer. Not sure how the bass values stack up of my owned headphones against 448, but for some reason

i crave a good bass fix.


The headphones will be driven by first gen Sound Blaster X-Fi (Fatal1ty).


#edit1# ooh, oooh, happy new year, everybody... :D

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I'm thinking about buying these headphones but I have a few questions and I was wondering if you all could provide some feedback.

I will be using these headphone's on my MacBook Pro and on my iPod Classic 120GB. I will also be using this on the go as I travel a lot during the day.

Are the headphones built strong enough that they can withstand travel? My previous headphones (Beats by Dr. Dre Pro) cracked and headphone wires ripped very easily. Are these headphones more sturdy?

And also what amp would you guys recommend to buy a long with these headphones?

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Threedee: I would say that If you are craving bass, the 448's aren't what you are looking for. They are pretty neutral on the bass. It is there, but It's not slapping you in the face with volume.


SteveSmug: They don't fold or anything so I'm not sure how portable they are, but they are built rock solid in my opinion. 


Both of you: What are your price ranges? When I got my 448's I loved them (Still do), but I couldn't help feeling there were some better sets out there. I would suggest the ATH-M50 for both of you.

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Thanks for the reply, Mdraluck23.

I'm in Canada and the best deal I can get on the ATH-M50 is $190.00 plus taxes. The HD 448's will run me about $140.00 plus tax. Is the extra 50 bucks worth the jump? Appearance wise I seem to like the HD 448's more too.


My price range would be maximum $200.

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Well, most people here would say so. The great thing about the M50 is that it in no way "requires" an amp, I just got my E7, my first amp, and it made my 448's sound better, but it cost $100. I have never heard the M50, so a direct comparison from me isn't possible. 

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