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Maybe the upgraditis is sneaking up to you? 8D


Stock HD 428/448 make great home cans, but their strengths are mitigated by portable use. I'd suggest investing in pair strictly for portable use if you find that bass leakage is a problem.


Maybe, as so many have suggested, a pair of M50? :D I hear those have fantastic bass performance.

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No upgraditis here, only sidegraditis. I have the PX200-II on order, will get and review them next week. FWIR, they seem like awesome portable cans, plus they're real cheap, only 60$. The M50 I can get for 200 bucks, and I'm not really sure they'd make good portables.


But yeah, the HD448 are not really a portable option anymore, since they get crazy hot while wearing them outside in the sun.

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Ah, I hope you'll enjoy the PX 200-II then. I prefer circum-aural cans though, because the pressure supra-aurals put on my earlobes causes a pain after a while.

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Hey zmd,


about the mod, i'm going to buy the HD 448 soon and I will try to make the mod you showed us a few pages before, but i couldn't understand everything you said in the written tutorial (english is not my first language :S). I also tried to download the video. but it says i got removed or something..


Could you re-upload the video again?


Thanks a lot



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Originally Posted by Soaa- View Post
Stock HD 428/448 make great home cans, but their strengths are mitigated by portable use. I'd suggest investing in pair strictly for portable use if you find that bass leakage is a problem.


Yeah, I feel the HD448's rather thin cable (compared to other full-size Senns i've tried or owned) would prolly not hold up to constant portable use especially while walking around.

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will the HD438 pads fit on the hd448?


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yes, the HD438 earpads do fit on the HD448.



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Odds are good thats what I will do, picked up a mint set open box for 70$ ;)


I actually need a 2nd set, a buddy of mine loves them lol

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Heh, so you've come to love them, right? Not missing the thumpy bass of the HD485 anymore?

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ah, man its not really that far off in terms of awesomeness from the hd485. 




can you pop of the dumb spokes on the HD438 without causing a problem

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Hi ,

I cant decide between the 428/438 and 448s

as all 3 fall under the 'affordable' range , i thought it would be the safe bet to go with the most expensive of the 3 , ie , the 448s


the question i had was regarding the main cable on it


the specs on headphone.com says it doesnt have a detachable cable .. the link on the sennheiserindia website



says (under contents of delivery) says that it has a 1.4m detachable cable and a 1.6m extension cable


i tried calling them to clarify ,but it wasnt much help


so can someone here please clear the doubt for me ..

what if the cable breaks .? easily detachable and replaceable or would it be the end of the headphones

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The HD448 does not have a detachable cable. It has a fixed 1.4m cable and a 1.6 meter extension in the package.

A broken cable would not be that hard to replace on these headphones, really, so I wouldn't worry about it being detachable or not. Just FYI, it's pretty solid and well reinforced on the HD448, without being very thick and unweildy. 

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ah , thanks a lot

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I just got a pair of HD448's yesterday, they are great so far, less bass than my old HD202's but far cleaner overall. They were a little rough at first but after listening to them for a few hours they smoothed out and sound crisp and clean now. On the contrary to what ive heard about struggling to power them from portable devices they run fine on my iPhone 4, i tend to listen to them on about half volume and only ever get the volume up to 3/4 when I want to listen to them loud or if the song is quiet. They definatly do sound different when run off my laptops more powerful output.

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Yeah, same with me, I notice my Sony ericsson Vivaz is jsut too weak for them, especially while playing songs with more bass, and also i feel even my laptop struggles a little, i solved this problem by buying the Creative SoundBlaster Play!





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