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New Sennheiser HD 448.

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Just saw that senn released their new low cost HD 4x8 series and I was wondering if anyone has tried them? I have my HD650 but I kinda wanted to try a closed headphone and these look pretty decent for $100.
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Hope they are a little more neutral sounding than my HD485's. The bass just overpowers the rest of the frequencies. Actually like the SQ of my son's HD497's better. Hopefully we can get some listening impressions soon. Happy Listening.
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Dying to know about these. Bump.
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These need an amp, my ipod cant power them , epic fail Sennheiser.
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Originally Posted by astroid View Post
These need an amp, my ipod cant power them , epic fail Sennheiser.
Ouch, that sucks, definitely not what I wanted to hear :/
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I'd also like to know about these. Anyone tried them?

Originally Posted by astroid
These need an amp, my ipod cant power them , epic fail Sennheiser.
Ah ok, how about sound quality when powered using a computer?

- Force
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I own the HD448 and the sound quality should be fine powered by a computer's headphone out. The HD448's need a bit more current than an iPod can output, so a headphone amp is most likely going to be necessary when using them with an iPod. My HeadRoom Total Airhead (2006) and my MINT do a fine job of powering them. My Corda Move does okay, but the Total Airhead seems to power them better. They are very detailed, have tight, fast, but somewhat lean bass, and an airy treble with very detailed mids. They're one of my favorite headphones that I have owned, and sound good with all genres of music, provided that the recording is of good to excellent quality.
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violeta88, I remember reading your impressions on these in the HD 238 thread and they were very positive, chances are the HD 448 will be my next headphone if they sound anything like the HD 238 (which I love) and isolate as well.
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Originally Posted by astroid View Post
These need an amp, my ipod cant power them , epic fail Sennheiser.
Definitly a no-go.. I haven't read great things about these. They can't be that bad though..
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Originally Posted by 089709867 View Post
Definitly a no-go.. I haven't read great things about these. They can't be that bad though..
Can you reference these not so great things you've heard?
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Bass isn't good, That and it needs to be driven by an amp for the best sound.
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I prefer the HD448 to the HD238, mainly because they are leaner in the bass and sound much clearer. The HD238 is somewhat bloated in comparison to my ears and sounds quite distorted in the bass. However, if you like the "normal" veiled and somewhat slow Sennheiser sound you won't like the HD448. They are fast, and lean in the bass. The highs are very airy sounding, and the midrange is very clear, which is something that I haven't heard in lower end Sennheisers in a long time. Also, they sound nothing like the HD238. The HD238 sounds more like the normal Sennheiser sound than the HD448.
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Hm.. so what you're saying is that the HD448s are like big, closed, foam-removed-from-them HD238s? Awesome! I'm getting these next month but..

Just did the foam removal mod and I'm seeing a big change in the 238s, for the better, mostly. Exactly how airy are the 448s? Are we talking borderline sibilant or what?

How about comfort and isolation? If not comfortable, I would at least hope they don't let any sound in or out.
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Coincidentally, HeadRoom just removed the HD 228 from its 10 Best Headphones list and replaced it with the HD 448
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The HD448 is of similar airiness to the HD238 with the foam removal mod, with less voluminous bass. The bass is still present, just leaner. I can't hear any sibilance whatsoever with the HD448. Sennheiser did a fantastic job in the sound signature of the HD448's. The highs are bright without being sibilant or harsh. Also on another note, I am somewhat convinced now that my HD238's have some distortion problem with the bass notes, so I will eventually have to get the 238's checked out by Sennheiser. But the HD448 has no problem whatsoever with producing clean bass. However, one may find the bass somewhat lacking in volume, especially if they are used to headphones like the HD650. However, the high level of clarity in the mids and highs make up for this IMHO, and they surpass the HD595's by a long shot in the mids and highs and are of similar quality in the bass, maybe perhaps cleaner, but a bit leaner than the HD595. Also, one additional note is that the driver is very similar in size and design to the driver in the HD238, perhaps only different in tuning. Judging by the frequency response curves of the HD448, it seems as though Sennheiser created a very nice sounding blend of a tweaked curve of a lower-end Ultrasone from the highs down to 200 Hz or so, then the Shure SRH440 from 200Hz to the lowest bass. Despite the appearance of a considerable bass roll-off in practice the HD448 is actually very balanced, with ample bass, just a bit attenuated comparatively to the HD595. They don't have the imaging depth of the HD595, though the imaging is actually similar if a hair larger than the HD238, and a touch more "open" sounding. However, the highs and midrange of outside sounds are attenuated pretty effectively. The bass of outside sounds are less attenuated than the highs and mids, and can leak into the listener's perception if loud enough. I would say though that the isolation is a bit better than the Denon AH-D1001, but if you are playing music very loud the HD448 will leak some sound out, but not nearly as much as an HD238 at the same volume level. Comfort is good, but not as good as the HD238, specifically the pleather on the HD448 feels much cheaper than the HD238, and downright cheap compared to a Denon, but is still soft to the touch. If you recall headphones like the HD201 or HD205, the pleather is almost the same as those. It isn't as comfortable as the HD595, due to the pleather, but is still pretty comfortable, with ample room between my ears and the driver, though people with huge ears might feel that the earcups are a bit small (though they are larger than the Denon AH-D1001) and may experience a less comfortable fit than I did. I hope this, my 500th post in my 8 years since joining this forum (yay), has helped.
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