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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
An update, the HD800 connectors have arrived. I am currently speaking with the sales rep for the manufacturer, as it looks like they messed up and ordered me the all chrome connectors vs the black chrome and are not able/willing to exchange them. I will post photos of a finished cable later tonight, and update again with what I managed to get out of the sales rep. All pre-ordered cables will ship tomorrow morning.
That's rather absurd. You ordered a specific part and they messed up the order, now they won't exchange them? I wouldn't let them get away with that, Rick. Threaten them with legal action.

I'm sure the regular chrome looks great too, but the fact is it isn't what you ordered.
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Yes thats true, but I've already used most of the connectors, had to fill orders, and nobody objected to the fact that they were not black chrome. Quite honestly if anyone is wanting the black chrome but wanting a cable now, I will do an exchange service where I send you the black chrome finished outer shell when I finally get them in. Its very easy to change it yourself.
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Just wanted to update, first customer to receive a cable has posting his initial impressions. For those of you who have not received yours yet, can expect it to arrive any time now, and apologies to anyone who experienced slight delays, I'm putting these cables together as fast as I can without compromising build quality!

Originally Posted by tako_tsubo View Post
I got my FA HD800 cables yesterday ( so only about 24 hr of burn in)...terminated for the 4 pin XLR on the ZDT.
Floating balanced setup...but Craig tells me balanced nevertheless.

So far I hear good things. Especially in the bass department...definitely feel more slam in that bass.
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Cant wait I want black chrome! I will let you know when my HD800 arrive
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Unfortunately the black chrome outer shells did not come with the order of connectors, and it is the same matte chrome that the stock connectors have. Still looks very stylish with the HD800's though
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Hi Rick, specifically regarding audio quality, what are the differences one would expect using your cable compared to the stock cable? do the two 1/4 connectors offered differ in sound quality?

thanks and regards
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The answer to that question is really dependent on your system/amplifier. However, in reference to comparison over the stock cable, one can expect richer, more detailed bass with more presence, as well as a wider sound stage consisting of more depth.

As far as 1/4 inch connectors go, the default Neutrik connector is going to be of higher quality than the stock one, as well as the contact point between the wire and the connector, however, I do also offer upgrading that to a Furutech FP-704 which is a substantial improvement and would be highly recommended in the case of the HD800.
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I have gotten confirmation from the manufacaturer that they will allow me to place an order of black chrome connectors for a higher price if I purchase in quantity of 100 units. However, just the outer shell will be black chrome and the part surrounding the contacts that goes into the headphones has to stay as normal chrome due to reasons of EMI shielding (according to them). ie, when plugged into headphones you will only see black chrome, unplugged you will see the tip of connector as normal chrome.

Is this a yay or nay to go ahead with? I'll leave the decision up to you, the customers.

On another note, I have finally decided to bring my greatest creation to the public. I have been sitting on this for quite some time, few people have ever had the pleasure of obtaining/hearing it, however, you can expect detailed reviews to appear very soon from well reputable head-fi reviewists. If you turn your attention to the OP, you will find the release of the Fidelity HD800 Double Helix Cable!
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Black chrome all the way please!

Love the new cable. What kills me is, Headroom made the 2 3pin xlr the big deal, so why now cant they release quality 4 pin balanced cables? It kills me that I can have great IECs on my B22 for 2x3pin but 4pin best is neutrik $20 whatevers.
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20$ for a neutrik? wow you're getting ripped off........

and yes I share your pain in the lack of quality 4pin xlr, however, ideally, 2x3pin is better way to go anyways, separate terminals, separate termination housing per channel, however thats more of my opinion based on nothing other than preference, nothing wrong with 4pin configuration, other than the lacking of high quality connectors.

However, it would not be difficult to take say the Furutech 601M or 701M and take the pins out of 2 of them, and mould them in 4pin configuration into the 601/701M housing.
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In the future cryoparts will offer a 4pin XLR...just's coming

And by that I mean a connector, for all businesses to use...not a cable
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Review posted regarding hd600/650 cable, with soon to be added hd800 review:

The review is by HeadphoneAddict.
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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
Review posted regarding hd600/650 cable, with soon to be added hd800 review:

The review is by HeadphoneAddict.
Sorry it took so long, but with cables I have to listen for a long time to get a good feel for the changes, unlike listening to two amps with different sound signatures. I did the first 100-120 hour in 4-5 days straight without much listening, but the next 100-150 hours on the cable was while listening just a few hours a day which took several weeks! Anyone who rushes a cable review is suspect.

PS: I still have the Enthusiast cable on my HD600 for personal use.

PPS: I UPDATED my HD800 cable review in the above thread on 1/11/10
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