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How is Khozmo Stepped Attenuators? - Page 30

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Having heard the improvements out of the Khozmo and being a big fan as a result, I have to give a shout out to Bottlehead's attenuator configuration found in the submissive pre and integrated into the Mainline amp.  From the site: 


  The attenuator is the same as used in our Submissive 36 step attenuator with six coarse 9dB steps and six fine 1.5dB steps for a total of 56 dB attenuation.


The coarse/fine works well. There's still the one load resistor everything goes through, so that can be upgraded to a naked z-foil

I don't currently have a really good speaker setup, so I can't really compare.  Wether this will beat a good shunt or ladder is out for the jury to decide on.  As it stands in the mainline, I'm impressed.

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I have a couple of khozmo balanced attenuators for sale at diy audio dot com.

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My experience with the Khozmo stepped attenuator has been terrible.  Twice it has introduced what I describe as a CB radio breaking up into the left channel of an electrostatic amplifier.  The second time was after it was serviced.  This was all well within less than a year of purchase. As soon as I replaced it with a volume pot, zero issues.


I cannot recommend the 48 step attenuator based on my personal experience.  It looks nice and is substantial, but if it cannot deliver on its intended purpose after just a few months.



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Yeah, I'll admit it has some issues with the wiper. But I've yet to (not) hear something sonically superior.  They look like they are a real bitch to build.


When I sell my Crack amp, I'll be taking the Khozmo out first because a) its not reliable b) nothing rivals it.


I may just ask have it tossed into my casket with me. Might have pick a better knob first though. ;-)

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The Khozmos are not worth the climb for those that want to try something new....really.  It's been a giant PITA and it looks to be built like a tank...not so much.


Based on what I have read, a DACT or an Acoustic Dimension would be good and far more reliable options.  If cost is no object, ALPS RK50...



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