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How is Khozmo Stepped Attenuators? - Page 29

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Hi all,


Any more inputs about this topic? 


On partsconnexion there is a MK 2 version of the Khozmos. Anyone tried it so far?

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Trying to advertise something... ??

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What a nice welcome. :)


But no, trying to learn something. That was my first post but you can search my user name in Agon, Asylum, diyaudio and even in ebay to have your own impression about me.



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Maybe it was a mistake, but your link is pointing to an Ebay auction... therefore my reaction.

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I managed to stuff a used first gen (square) Khozmo 50K stereo ladder into my Crack.... amp. :tongue_smile: 


It had a bit of clicking, but I think it was just the result of neglect.  Good snaps actually. Right in the ear. Ouch.  

A few quick turns through the usable range seemed to clear it up.  Otherwise, its an amazing piece.  

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i didn't realize the khozmo is a shunt type attenuator :redface:


what value should it be to replace the stock attenuator in a stock conductor?


how do i connect it?

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hi, i did the upgrade, replaced the stock burson's attenuator with the Khozmo shunt type 48 steps


ultra smooth and precise, very noticeable gain in soundstage immediateness and transparency, got rid of the pops and clicks, as well as of the noise with sensible cans, the default one exhibited


used the stock patch cable that connected the default attenuator


removed the Caddock mk132 series resistors (since the conductor has them on the pcb, one can upgrade those too with the ones that come with the 10k khozmo or equivalent, should be 10k but i'm not 100% sure, still awaiting confirmation from burson), bridged the GND terminals on the khozmo with a ohno silver wire and soldered the black wire on it, the red and white wires were soldered on the khozmo's OUT terminals


i got the Khozmo directly from http://www.khozmo.com/ (EU Poland)


http://www.partsconnexion.com/ (Canada) sells upgrade parts and burson's gear and does this and other upgrades, you can send them in your own gear for upgrades too




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