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How is Khozmo Stepped Attenuators? - Page 28

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Mine was DOA and I requested a refund from PayPal. The guy did not even want it back.

It makes a good door opener now.

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I openend the attenuator today. The contact looks quite primitive and I can see nothing that allows the switch to be a “make before break”-switch.

khozmo_1w4ql8.jpg khozmo_2a6qik.jpg khozmo_3n8rbm.jpg

I can everyone warn to buy it. Khozmo also didn't answer to mails for two weeks now.
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That looks like its a make before break connector, wiper bridges both contacts before moving off


at least that's what it looks like :-)




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There's only one contact point. It should have two:

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It doesn't have to have two points as the wiper is springy and will bridge the gap - I agree the two contact type is better but I have seen several single contact types, try looking at it from the side and I think you'll find the wiper falls into the gap and then lifts out onto the next pad

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But it doesn't work in practice. It makes a crackling/clicking noise while switching.
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After two weeks I got a reply from Khozmo. They take back the attenuator and already refunded the money.
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i bought one khozmo with vishay-dale resistors and one quad alps rk-50.

my past pot was a dact.

i hope soon to write a my impressions

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I'm using one of their smd 50K attenuators in a build. Sonically, it sounds good, but it is noisy when adjusting. As this is my first attenuator, I don't know if this is normal. In thinking about how they work, I can see how it may be. I'm otherwise happy with it, and will continue using as long as it's mechanically and sonically sound.

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try loosening it, its discussed in this thread you can lessen the tension so its not as stiff and I would think that would make it a bit quieter too
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Any further thoughts?  This thread seems to have gone dormant.


Especially :  is anybody else experiencing noise through your speakers "between clicks"?   Anybody having success fixing said noise?

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I bought the Khozmo (100K stereo) a couple of years ago, for my DIY 300B SET (very occasional use), very good, but a few months ago started with clicks between steps, and a few days later, in the first steps the volume was up 100% .
I contacted more than three months ago with Arek Kallas and told me it was a problem in a batch of silver, he said he changed without inconvenience, that the next day he sent.
Since that communication did not know anything more of Arek Kallas or replacement Khozmo.
I knew nothing more than Arek Kallas , I send many emails, but I have my amp useless.


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I am trying to work out what you said. Do you mean after 2 years your stepped-khozmo volume control broke down and that you notified the company you bought it from and they contacted you and after that no word from them??. Unless they have a 2YR or more guarantee  they  are not liable for supplying a new one or repairing it free.But problem with a "batch of silver" doesnt sound right to me.Full travel=100% therefore at zero  the last resistor  shouldnt be near the wiper It would take a large amount of silver to contact the input direct. If that is the case then many people would be complaining and you would read about it on the Web. If the FIRST step goes to --100% then that sounds like a mechanical failure in the wiper mechanism. Did you bump/knock it /drop it? If not rough handling maybe not by you maybe a kid in your house. Its an expensive component around $200 . Does your guarantee cover more than 2 years?  --- Just like to add if he has admitted that there was a production fault then legally he must replace it --2YRS or not thats the law in the UK.

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Yes, broke after two years, and when I contact with Arek told me it was a problem detected in a series and therefore send a new one the next day.
That was over two months and did not know more about him, the only one who uses khozmo is me.

I send by private what answered me Arek


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Hello Rosbuitre- Got your PM of conversation  of  you and Arek. And he still hasn't delivered. Looking at it  he admits responsibility for a "production fault" . That makes him liable LEGALLY for a replacement. If he still hasn't delivered it to you. You can do what everybody does on the web . Go to his website and post a  negative post about him. and take ALL means to publicize the quality control of his company. You at least have the legal right to do that as it is the TRUTH.Don't keep quiet about it. I don't know  what country you live in but most  must have a public consumer help organization . I would email them there is one in the UK. And complain to the public company that deals with the ethics of all businesses.. I wouldn't stop till I either got  a new one or made sure his business felt the reaction from other potential buyers. The one other person long ago I helped just by PUBLISHING a bad business practice on Head-Fi ---you don't know the power of this website 1000s read the posts Worldwide. NO company that wants to continue good business  will ignore Head-Fi. I still don't think that answer he gave is "kosher" He is right when he says silver tarnishes and I posted the same in another thread dealing with silver cables not long a go . But your fault going from 0--to 100% in one click doesn't tie up with silver tarnishing unless he silver plated/sprayed the component ALL over it instead of just on the contacts,???--- hope this helps.----Just remembered. I think the one in the US that deals with this -called-"better business  practice" or words like that.

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