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I'm looking forward to whis new model, i have a pair of dt-990 pro and i like them very much...i was planning to buy a pair of dt880/600 but i guess i'm waiting a bit more, i just hope the T1 will have a decent price tag.
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i guess in a few months from now we'll see a- HD800 Vs T1 vs PS1000 vs AKG K1001 thread
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Hey does anyone know anything about IFA in Berlin, I will be in Berlin during those dates 04-09 Sep 2009, can I just turn up to the venue to attend?

Edit: Never Mind I will just miss those dates =(
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This is very exciting!
I love the 880pro and can't wait to give the T1 a listen.

LOL @ AKG K1001... you know they'll cave and finally cash in on it =]
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Originally Posted by Berlioz View Post
Isn't AKG releasing their new top end pair of cans around then too? That could be an interesting development...
Rumour has it that they "might" introduce a K701 successor at CES 2010.

As for this (and a potential AKG release in the near future) being a "shot at the Sennheiser", I certainly hope not. If they're rushing a headphone out just because Sennheiser has the HD800, it could end in disaster. Hopefully it's more along the lines that they (and maybe AKG) have also been working on a new model for some time, and it just so happens Sennheiser released their model first.
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Interesting. Beyerdynamic headphones have always been a "close by no cigar" type headphone for me, with wonderful qualities, but not quite what I wanted. It's also great that headphone manufacturers are bringing out new, good models again.
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m00hk00h, you around?
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Yes, the Beyer folks were very nice at CanJam and have been very responsive when I've contacted them a couple of times.
Agree totally - I had a tube arc and blew a driver on my DT990, and Beyer was very responsive and helpful in fixing them.
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Originally Posted by fhuang View Post
m00hk00h, you around?

The experience with beyer's announcements has shown that when they announce something at the IFA then it will most likely hit retailers around January, February of the next year. In Germany, at least.

My relationship with AKG cooled down over the last months a little, so I don't know any concrete news. They also keep very silent until IFA eventually starts and wait with their press announcements until that day.
At least it has been that way over the last years...
So, we'll see! I'm just as thrilled as you are.

Oh btw., if someone wants to stop by and say "hello", you'll find me in hall 1.2 (same as Senn and beyer), booth 111 (audio-technica - I'm the pale geeky looking guy :P).

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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Just when I had planned not to buy any more headphones....

Nevertheless, I'm very interested. Beyerdynamic makes some wonderful headphones and I'd always hoped to see them go for the high end.
We'll never end buying headphones, will we ?
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wow. with an MSRP of 880 euros, I wonder what that the street price will be?
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I wonder whether there will be Manufaktur Tesla1, where you can pimp your cans for your liking. In stock form these look kind of bland.
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That's exciting news!
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I know that that style is beyers signature and everything, but I was hoping for a better looking phone.
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