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And another. Stereophile: Phiaton PS 200 in-ear headphones Not as generous.
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I find all these reviews' complaints about lack of bass a bit strange. CNET, for instance, didn't say one word about the Etymotic ER6s' lack of bass, even saying 'the bass response is excellent.' However, I own them and can say that they have very little bass, even with a bassy EQ. The ER6s are very detailed and fast, but the weak bass sucks the lifeblood out of the music. CNET's review was published several years ago, but surely other IEMs with heavier bass were around at the time.

As for the PS200s themselves, the bass is comparable to the UE700s I tried a few days ago. It's enough for my alternative rock - I'm not a basshead. They are bright, though, I must admit, but the treble is well-controlled.
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thanks for the review

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how would you rate them against the UE700 ? They both are at the same price range today. both costing $150 - which one would you choose?

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Originally Posted by MaoDi View Post

One more thing, it's one of the only earphones where you can open it up and put it back together at home with just a screw driver. So if you're familiar with soldering, if a wiring comes loose just opened it up, and bam fixed =)

Could you please describe more detailed, how these phones can de opened? I want to replace the cable of mines, but can't find how to disassemble them accurately. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the review.


The PS200's are the absolute brightest headphone I've heard to date, possibly surpassing the DT990 in terms of treble. Very fatiguing in my opinion. I did love the build quality and fit though, even though I didn't find anything too special in the sound.

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Out of the box they sound a bit harsh, but we can feel its pleasant soundstage. After 20 hrs of burn-in (driver) harshness reduced significantly but it bothered in quite a few recordings. Before returning them back I want to try them with Comply foam Tx100 tips which might increase the base and reduce high peaks to certain extent. Once I replaced with comply TX100 foam tips these headphones began to SING...REALLY TRUST ME. Typical sonic character: decent bass, excellent mids and excellent highs all together clubbed with BEAUTIFUL SOUNDSTAGE. You should listen to them to believe me. No mid bass hump...beautiful sound. It might not suit for people who require thumbing bass or cannot bear crisp highs. It has nice bass which flows with the music but nothing on your face bass. Try them...you might fell in love.

sound (with TX100 comply foam tips):
* good bass (will be lacking for some)
* excellent mids
* excellent highs (might be too much for some but I enjoy them)
* beautiful soundstage (very pleasant...no in your head sound anymore)

with Ultimate Ears Triple-fi10: property's has more pronounced base especially mid-base and mids are clearly recessed in comparison. Both these earphones has top notch clarity. I prefer PS200.

with Monster turbine pro copper: if you like a bassy sound with crisp treble then choose coppers. But if you prefer more balance than bass then go for PS200. You don't get the low rumble in PS200.

with Sony Ex1000: Ex1000 has beautiful sound (music). Everything sounds as it should be. No traces of harshness which you might feel sometimes with PS200. I prefer ex1000. But be aware initially out of the box ex1000 sounded amazing. But after few hours of listening (burn-in) like 60hours I did miss something in the sound that was present out of the box (sparkling highs I suppose). But ex1000 sound very natural. I prefer ex1000 (if cost comparison is ignored).

* excellent sound with loads of sparkle (with TX100 tips)
* beautiful soundstage.
* very light. Fit is alright with TX100 foam tips.
* good carrying case.

* with default tips provided, sound feels dull in bass and sharp highs. tips should be deeply inserted to really feel the base, otherwise everything will sound lifeless and baseless, harsh.
* highs can be bothersome at high volumes to a few who like less emphasis on treble.
* not for bassheads. It definitely has decent amount of bass but some people might needs more.
* with default tips fit can be an issue for people with medium to medium large sized ears. TX100 comply ear tips will be decent. Intact to enjoy the sound of these earphones TX100 comply foam tips are mandatory not even t100. Tx100 has extra ear wax guard layer which will remove slight harshness.
* no Mic or volume control buttons.

I really enjoy the sound coming out of these PS200 earphones. For people who like interesting treble with sparkle (like
CK10, Triplefi10, dba02's) will be definitely on this list for recommendation. At times highs can peak. But don't worry you will be rewarded with excellent sound quality with beautiful soundstage (pleasing). Hear it to believe it. But mind you these earphones are not without any cons. I would recommend TX100 comply foam tips to get the best out of these PS200 earphones.

My collection: Ultimate Ears triplefi10, Monster turbine pro copper/gold, Sony Ex1000, Sennheiser ocx880, AKG Q701, Grado SR60i.
Sources: Apple iPhone, Apple ipod classic, Sony A818, PA2V2, cMoy.
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