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Onkyo Digital Media Transport ND-S1 alternative to Wadia 170 iTransport

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Finally another alternative is out.

Onkyo Digital Media Transport ND-S1
-Digital Outputs (Optical/Coaxial)
-High-precision Clock Reference to minimise jitter
-iPod video playback
-iTunes Sync/Unsync switch
-Audio Selector (iPod/PC)
-Resume Music and Video Playback Function
-Shuffle/Repeat (one/all tracks)/Random Playback of Songs/Albums
-iPod/iPhone charging function
-USB Port
-Compatible with iPod touch [1G and 2G], iPod classic, iPod [5G*], iPod nano [1G*, 2G, 3G, and 4G] and iPhone 3G/3Gs [Flight mode]
-Works with Onkyo AV Systems equipped with a USB Port and Audio/Video terminals
-Single handset control via Onkyo A/V System’s RI (Remote Interactive) protocol
-Dedicated remote control also supplied
-Compatible with Windows XP/Vista

Picture here http://www.eu.onkyo.com/ir_img/21196679_46aa54890f.jpg

Onkyo Europe - Press Release Digital Media Transport ND-S1

English Manual http://www.eu.onkyo.com/dl/1459201/M...S1_English.pdf

Review ND-S1
Takes a digital signal from your iPod, resulting in better sound all-round; very few rivals - and none at this price
Feels a bit cheap

When is an iPod dock not strictly an iPod dock? When it's a digital media transport, that's when.

On the face of it that might sound like pedantry, but the distinction is an important one: where most docks take an analogue signal from the bottom of an iPod, the Onkyo ND-S1 takes the unfettered digital signal, before passing it on via coaxial or digital.

What this means is that rather than rely on the iPod or iPhone's own DAC, you can get the digital-to-analogue conversion done elsewhere.

For owners of home cinema receivers, digital amplifiers (like the Onkyo A-5VL) or stand-alone DACs, this is great news, as the ND-S1 is capable of a far better audio performance than its analogue rivals.

Play anything, from Holst's Planets to Simian Mobile Disco's Temporary Pleasure, and you'll benefit from greater detail, dynamics and rhythmic precision. Individual notes begin and end more accurately, vocals and guitars are more textured and nuanced, and cymbals have greater bite and extra sparkle.

Number of nice extras
True, the unit itself is bigger than it needs to be, and it feels cheaper than it looks, but these are minor flaws in this excellent, first-of-a-kind product.

Besides, there are nice little touches here, like a composite output for video and a USB connection that allows you to play your PC's tunes and sync your iPod or iPhone to your computer without removing it from the dock. Oh, and there's a remote control, of course.

So, is it time to bin the CD player? Well, not quite; even a budget disc-spinner of decent quality can beat this for overall musicality, but in the world of iPod docks, this is the new king.

True, it's not got much in the way of competition, but for now, this is without doubt the best, affordable way to get your iPod's tunes out to your home system.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
WHAT HiFi 11/2009

More reviews

Red Wine Audio Review

In order for ipod have digital output. The third party device need to have Apple's authentication chip/firmware, which essentially tells the iPod that it's okay to output raw digital audio or video data to the chip-enhanced component. So the compatibility of ipod should be limited to ipod that have the MFI authentication chip.

Although iPhone is not certified but many claims it works. Make sure you turn on air mode.



iphone is working well with it too.

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Hopefully it won't be horribly overpr- OH my god I'm sorry I couldn't even finish that with a straight face. Whoopdeedoo, another $300+ iPod transport
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So I guess Wadia lost its exclusivity with Apple? I keep thinking from what I've read here that Wadia will be coming out with a second generation transport that will eliminate the jitter produced in the first generation (or it's placed in their DAC whenever that gets released).
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I dont think this will be overp product. will be much cheaper than Wadia
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If it's priced about $200 - $250, I'd get one to go with my Onkyo TX505 HT receiver.
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List price is £150 according to what hi-fi
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Originally Posted by ztsen View Post
List price is £150 according to what hi-fi
134 Euro in Germany.
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Ah finally, a more affordable ipod transport
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i am severely tempted to get this

yummy !!!

srp 150GBP (US$245.947)
Onkyo ND-S1 - Prices, Photos, Videos - Loudspeakers
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Is this available in the USA yet? Could not find it in Amazon.
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Originally Posted by ztsen View Post
List price is £150 according to what hi-fi
So ~$245. Not bad at all.
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not bad indeed as the wadia 170i cost around $375...
at least ,the bypass transport is no longer exclusive to one audiophile brand!
just noticed though that this dock does not contain any rca line-out like the wadia but hey...the purpose of the ipod transport is to be able to use an external DAC to maximize SQ performance using the coaxial/optical outputs.
hope they lower the price a bit more!
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Damn their products are beautiful.
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i hope it's not stupid qwestion , but it will work on any DAC or it must work with onkio recivers ?
and pleas forgiv me on my bad eanglich
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Any DAC will work. Pretty good if it charges ipod, and also if USB connects to computer allow you to sync.

Ipod eventually has something one up over my iriver ;-)
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