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I'm having a hard time deciding whether to go to Beth Orliss, Resnick, the Scientific Hearing Aid Center, or sending in my UE5c. The UE5c fits perfectly in my right ear and is just slightly loose in the left, which I would mention when sending. Perhaps new impressions would solve this problem. Unfortunately, Beth Orliss is in NJ, which is inconvenient for me. And I feel like the others are unknown quantities. I also feel like I am vastly overthinking this.
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Originally Posted by OPTiK View Post
I thought I read somewhere that they shrink after 2 weeks? i could be wrong..
Consider this; why would Westone and other labs hold your impressions for 90 days in case of remolding requests? I've heard two different labs use the same 90 day policy, and one was up front about it "it's in case there are problems and we can just re-do them." I've had mine re-done, so it would have been close to 60 days after the impressions were made and they fit better then the first go-around.

In the Richmond, VA area, I've had mine done at Hearing Clinics of VA (addy below), specifically the Patterson Ave location. I've had impressions done (3 times overall) for musicians plugs and for UM3x UM56 tips. The biggest issue is not the impressions, but making sure your resulting equipment fits properly. For example, do the musicians plugs go deep enough, are they countersunk properly (or not, personal preference based on ear shape). For IEMs, similar questions would result, and don't be afraid to say "no, something went wrong" as long as you can articulate it in very careful terms. I have yet to have a lab or doc not work with me to get the right fit.

Hearing Clinics | Hearing Clinics of Virginia

Since Richmond is a government town, and a large chunk work for the state here, a tip for those with CoVA Care. The hearing buy-in option will cover the impressions and a screening for the co-pay (as of 2-3 months ago). If it's your first visit, you may have to cough up the cash up front and then be reimbursed, but they are good about letting you know if insurance came back and covered it and issuing a refund. Otherwise impressions were $50 cash and carry, don't know about the screening.
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Originally Posted by dj nellie View Post
I recommend Dr. Andrew Resnick (58th St. & Lexington Andrew Resnick Audiologist Hearing Aids New York City). He's a nice guy who owns a pair of customs himself, and he gave me a very reasonable price for silicone translucent brown UM-56 tips. He was also patient during my several refits (I don't think my fit problems had much to do with the quality of his impressions).

Just made an appointment with him as he is close to my office. Will report back.
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
Just made an appointment with him as he is close to my office. Will report back.
Cool, let me/us know what you thought of him. I don't think you can really go wrong with a choice of audiologist so long as they give you a fair price and are competent at making impressions. I just ordered a replacement for one of my UM56 tips from Dr. Resnick (I lost it, in part because it was too short and had to be worn on the edge of my Westone 3 nozzle). Dr. Resnick will work with you if the tips don't fit properly the first time, just try and be specific as to how you think the tips need to be reshaped to improve.
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
Just made an appointment with him as he is close to my office. Will report back.
I went to Resnick for both my UE-11s and my JH-13s. He is good and has his own pair of UE-10s I believe.
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Lake Norman Ear Nose & Throat | Charlotte, NC. Excellent service and very helpful for a first-timer. 25$ fee. Will let ya know when I get my JH13's next week how well they turned out.
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If you're a veteran and qualify for treatment at a VA Hospital you can have your impressions done there by the audiologist. Just make sure you specify clearly what you want done. They thought I wanted them to make the iems for me which is a no no. And you might as well get a hearing test while you're there.
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Washington, D.C.

Darwin022's Washington DC submission:

Originally Posted by Darwin022 View Post
This time I went to:
Professional Hearing Aid Services
2141 K St NW, Washington, DC
(202) 785-8704 ‎

through the sonus website. The guy seemed pretty good and fairly techy
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How much does Frances Miranda charge for an impression? And are there any you guys know in Los Angles for considerable prices?
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Has anyone ever had impressions done by Hearing Loss Prevention Specialists - Hearing Aids & Products | Camp Springs, MD ? They are the only company in my area that is even related to audiology so I was wondering if I could use them or if I should look elsewhere.
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In the Indianapolis area, I've used Innovative Therapy Center. They have always charged me $20 for impressions and are very nice people. I'll need to go to them again this coming week to get new impressions for the Triple.fi custom mold.

Innovative Therapy Center
2900 East 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240-0018
(317) 573-4445
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Brookline, MA
Boston, MA

I went to Brookline Hearing Services for an appt with Lisa Carnevale. It was very reasonably priced (hint -- call them). They were fast, friendly, and professional. I'll go back for the fitting when the customs arrive. So far, highly recommended, especially considering the value.

@Monkey: She wants to make sure that the fit of the customs is correct, I guess. Is this not a standard thing?

[2009.12.24] Right around the two week mark -- they called Westone for me and said that they had shipped from Westone. Should be arriving around Monday or so, delayed due to the holidays.

[2009-12-28] Called today and went in to see how they fit. The L one kind of clicked into place in my ear, but it was causing a bit of pain. They kind of ground down the edges a little bit without affecting the bore, and it's much more comfortable now. The R channel at first was not fitting properly, so she took another impression, but after some fiddling with it, I think it's fine. I do want to get it ground down the same way as the L, just rounding off the edges a tiny bit.
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Why do you need to go back when the customs arrive?
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If someone finds an affordable place (less than $50 for both ears) in NYC for ear impressions, I would love to hear it. A few places quoted me $75/ear
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So.... I asked the two companies in the area. Is a mold the same as an impression? One was $85 per ear(hearingaidcorporation), and the other was $65 per ear(sears miracle ear). I'm going to forget about customs all together if it is that expensive.
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