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They're decent headphones and are my "beater" set. For the price I'm very, very happy even if they are worse than my FX500s (which, is to be expected). I've stepped on them, tripped the cable, etc. and they're still fine months later. But they're far too microphonic to consider for running.
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I bit into the EX300 "recommendation" from a leading consumer magazine (one which is commonly initialed as "CR"). I personally never quite warmed up to my EX85 (it had some good points, but the overall sound seemed a bit incoherent), so when I took a brief listen to the EX300, I'd expected some improvement over the EX85's somewhat unrefined sound (even at its low price). To my surprise, I'd say that this is Sony's best current-model headphone or earphone of any size for under $80 (ERP; $60 at street discount) although its sound is (like several reviewers noted) on the warm side of neutral and its extreme top end is recessed. The mid-bass response is a bit bloated on the EX300, but not too bad. Nice try, Sony, but I slightly prefer the Denon IEMs/ECHs at this price point. (I have not listened to any of the so-called "Head-Fi Approved" IEMs at this price point, so I can't comment on them.)
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I got the Sony EX 300 SL after having tried to make my nokia E71's music player an acceptable every-day solution. (I hate carrying gadgets, so I wanted to do without a second player) I first tried the Sennheiser CX 300 II with 2,5mm jack, which was desastrous because of the headphone's lousy amplifier. The hissing practically drowned the music. It showed to be a solution to use BT-headphones - the Nokia BH 214 was a good choice, then. Together with its standard headphones the hissing was completely gone, but the music was flat, undetailled and dull. You could say that there was no stage at all, everything took place in a very small room. The AKG K 370, my favourite, was obviously too demanding, because I couldn't hear any bass anymore. Here the Sony Ex 300 came in quite helpful; eben if the bass is a bit strong for my taste and tends to drown the middle range a bit, they offer a nice, very mellow timbre. Waht I don't fancy is the (very weak, though) hiss which is audible between the tracks mainly. But this seems to be the price for theit more sensitive acoustics. I think they fit quite well (in my eras, at least) and - which is a big advantage, the chords are not as touch-sensitive as sennheisers or even the thick AKG ones.
Still, I am looking for alternatives, so if anybody used to have a similar constellation and a better solution, let me know...
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I know I'm replying to an extremely old post, however I felt obligated to finally register and leave a comment after seeing the discussion about these headphones. I don't know if you ever bought the ex300's but, let me tell you as an owner of all and appreciator of the MDR EX lineup (300, 500, 700, 1000) that they were some of the most under appreciated IEM's on the market. When it comes to headphones, sometimes just go with your gut. The amount you were asking meant you really wanted them and wanted to make sure you were making the right decision. People complain about cords, screw them. They should grow up and learn how to treat things properly. I hope you did take the plunge and hear their amazing value especially after a solid 50 hour burn in. Sometimes you just have to go with something and see for yourself instead of seeking reassurance and are pleasantly rewarded.

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