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Searching for earbuds: AKG K 317 - a good one?

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Hello all together!

I don´t like the feeling of beeing totally isolated from the action around me. Therefore in-ears with strong sound isolation make me feel uncomfortable. I´m quite interested in these earbuds: AKG K 317.

Unfortunately there are only very few earbuds out there which are made on really high standard. Brands design in-ear after in-ear, but don´t seem to be willing to develope better buds.

AKG seems to be an exception. Actually I own a Sennheiser MX 500 - will the AKG K 317 a big step up?

During my researches thruogh the internet I saw the Yuin Pk3, another affordable alternative. Do you think the Yuin would be better for me?

Being musician myself (violine) I like clear and detailed sound with wide sound signature. Bass should be defined but shouldn´t too much in the foreground. I like The MX 500 with a lot of classical music, but when it comes to jazz and other types of music, it sounds way too thin.
I mainly hear to classical music and jazz, also very often to indie and sometimes rock.

I would be very thankfull, if somebody could share his/her experiences!

Kind regards,
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AKG make some brilliant headphones, dont get me wrong and are world renowned for their sound quality especially their over head ones, but I think when it comes to IEM AKG's are good but there is better out there. I dont think IEM are AKG niche. Yes they make em like do alot of other brands but I would say that AKG would rather concerntrate putting their technology into overhead Headphones than IEM's

If your serious about IEM's than I would consider looking at brands like Ultimate Ears (the Super Fi series ) or Shure. Also Etymotic and probably add Klipsch.

Infact I am also looking at probably getting myself a pair of UE Super Fi 4 and these will be my first ever IEM, as I have always been a lover of overhead headphones and have found in the past that most of the IEM's or ear buds that I have used have been useless, to simply put it.
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Thanks a lot for your quick advice!

I share your opinion with AKG, although I only tried their over head phones, but as I said:
There is not a big assortment of earbuds.

And, once again: I don´t like the strong isolation of in-ears, I want to notice it, when somebody calls my name.

All these good brands like Shure and Klippsch simply do not design earbuds.
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I have not heard the K317, but the reason why there aren't many reviews here on Head-Fi is because of either lack of availability or because of cost. In Europe, the prices for many AKGs (and Sennheisers for that matter) are prudent, but here in the US they seem to charge an arm and a leg for even their entry-level products. $35 for a K311? I don't think so!

Anyway, I'll recommend the Sennheiser MX760 as an option. You'll find that it's quite the step up from the MX500, with increased bass response (provided you use the foams) and nice soundstage, and good detail across the board. The only issue (albeit minor) is that it uses a short cord + extension modular cable design.
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I saw the Sennheisers before, but thought, they would be similar to my old ones.
I´m not so sure about Sennheiser at all. Probably I´ve read too much bad comments on their in-ear products; and also the MX 760 are often disputed controversal.
Furthermore I heard one of the top models of over head phones, the HD 650, and I didn´t like it. My only big headphone, the Beyerdynamic DT 990, is in my opinion far better in every aspect. Ok, I know that´s not an issue, but explains why I´m not affected very much by Sennheiser.

Have you ever heard the Yuin PK3? According to some descriptions they wouldn´t handle classical music well?!
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Oh, I forgot another question concerning the MX 760: Is there any technical difference to the cheaper models, e.g. the MX 560?
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I own the MX500 and MX760, and in my humble opinion, the MX760 is far better, with a much fuller, richer sound.

As for comparison to the HD650: sorry, but I have not heard it. There are a couple people who have heard the PX100 and MX760 and prefer the latter. Also, rest assured that the MX760 is nothing like the CX300 if that's what you're worried about. Still, the MX760 does have a warm sound, so if that's what you dislike about Sennheisers, then it may not be for you.

For differences between products in the Sennheiser MX*60 range, take a look at my review: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/r...-mx760-430222/. The MX560 (similar to my MX460), while an admirable performer for the price, doesn't really compare to the sound quality of the MX760, which has better bass response in quality, quantity, and extension, better treble extension and detail, and far better soundstage.

I haven't tried the PK3 myself, so here are several opinions of members who have heard both:

Originally Posted by kmhaynes View Post
From a couple of links sent to me, I picked up the MX-760 a couple of weeks ago. They are the most satisfying of all the MX series, and that would stand to reason. They have the full sound of the 560+660 and about 80% of the 660 superwide soundstage (probably too wide). I wasn't sure if I would like the short cord + extension, but it hasn't bothered me. I now sleep with these and have sold the PK3 which was just too mid-centric, treble shy for me.
Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post
MX760 sounds better than PK3. There is legit MX760 on eBay that is around $20, and that is a steal even compared to PK3.
Originally Posted by Fungi View Post
So I got the PK3 today (gj Head-Direct, that was fast) and have been comparing it to the MX760 for a while. I'm using the solid foam covers for both.

Basically, they're both rather good but the MX760 is a step above, with amazing soundstage for earbuds (PK3 has the "earbud" sound that's kind of stretched to both sides, not forming as coherent a soundstage) and less spitty/grainy treble. MX760 also has a lusher sound with a little boost in the midbass that I think works better.

The one problem I have with the MX760 is the short cord length (that only reaches to about my bellybutton) that forces you to use the included extension cord, which adds some weight that tugs down. Not the best to use on the go without a clip or something (or a neck strap for your mp3 player).

Summary: MX760 wins for me, except for the form factor. Awesome earbuds.
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Thanks a lot for all your information!!
These comments concerning the Yuin Pk3 convinced me not to buye them.
And now I´m really considering to buye the MX 760...If I only knew how it compares to the AKG...
How does the Sennheiser compare to your K312P?

Do you know the driver size of the MX 760?

By the way: Sorry for my bad english!
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Originally Posted by Peeperkorn View Post
Thanks a lot for all your information!!
These comments concerning the Yuin Pk3 convinced me not to buye them.
And now I´m really considering to buye the MX 760...If I only knew how it compares to the AKG...
How does the Sennheiser compare to your K312P?

Do you know the driver size of the MX 760?

By the way: Sorry for my bad english!
Well, from the impressions I have read on the new AKGs, they don't seem to sound anything alike with the old models like the K312P. Of course, I have not heard their new earbuds so I can't compare.

Comparing the MX760 and K312, the Sennheisers to my ears sound much more natural, as the AKGs sound strange to me in the bass and midrange. The Senns also have much better soundstage and detail while retaining the nice treble response that makes the AKGs great (although in a different flavor).

P.S. Your English is fine.
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I've had several earbuds in the past year. I really liked the PK3 when I first got them for their detail, but after a while mids were too strong, and the highs were too soft, rolled off for me.

The MX-760 is really about the best out there in the under $50 range. Very even SQ and dynamic voice, good detail, and a very good soundstage for an earbud.
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Ok, I´m convinced, I´ll order the Sennheiser MX 760.

Thank you very much guyes, you helped me a lot (especially kjk1281)!!!!!!

One question to you:

I see you own some highly recommended in-ear earphones. Are these, for example the Head Direct RE0, really that much better than an earbud like the MX 760?
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other alternatives are yuin pk3, radius woody, and crossroads hr2
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I am just listening to AKG K317 , (equipment : ipod video 60GB) nad it is nice as far. By comparison with Senn MX500 and MX760 ,I can say tehy are different in class,
AKG more closer to Hi End. As an old fan of Sennheiser I can say some differences according to my taste, taste ? because everybod have differen taste and different audio bandwidth in ear,and
different kind of music listen, and differen equipment use.
Equipment: if you do not have a good headphone amplifier ,you never get a good sound from HD650 ,it is out of question.
By the way my favorite is still old HD565 ovation wehn it comes to warming and naturel sound..
MX500 is a very good headphone with detailed sound and good soundstage.. MX760 unfortunately I could not find any chance to try frown.gif
But bass sound missing, K317 has good bass, I listen especially vocal based Jazz. And I can say AKG K317 for me as far.

And remember equipment factor: check Senn and AKG sensivity :

K317 Sensivity: (dB SPL/V)     129dB
MX760 Semsivity must be around 110dB

it means your ears fail in low passages in music you listen with MX760. you ll need an amplifier maybe

 And last words, when it comes to money you buy ,at least value for money is good for K317, remember price Shure and UE mentioned here,OK but what about the money you have to pay for them smily_headphones1.gif



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