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I had a chance to hear both and I found that the JH-13s were more open and had better timbre, better imaging and soundstage.
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Originally Posted by SillyHoney View Post
This audiophile world is confusing me.

An IEM beat a legendary dynamic phone and is in the same class w/ some legendary electrostatic.

iPod out of all suddens, turns out to be a pretty nice source. Some posts made me think I don't need to upgrade source at all if I have an iPhone 3GS which I actually have. Well, while so many people say that "there is no point of having a best headphone and amp but feeding them w/ a crap source, for example: an iPod" (I can't think of any worse source than an iPhone except some cheap China portable CDP if price is a measurement).

I still don't know how good the bass JH13 can represent but it's hard to swallow if someone tells me that my ear can feel the vibration of deep bass produced by this baby monster. And without the feeling of vibration, the bass is less atractive, IMHO.

I hate to say this but sometimes informations from Head-Fi is so confusing. Well, again, each person hears differently.

Don't get me wrong on that, I learned a lot from head-fiers here and I will keep learning
Like above said, this poll doesn't really mean that JH13 beats the HD800.

Also, many have said that they sound 'Good' out of iPhone/iPod but scales up with better source and amp. No wonder why some people are purchasing Apache just for JH13. Many are also buying the Protector for their JH13.

These little things put out bass that rattles my head. Of course, it doesn't vibrate my head but I can 'feel' the vibration through my ear drums. Certainly has much more bass impact than K701, HD600, DT880, HE5 and so on...

Using head-fi/HDtracks test album, bass test track, I could really feel the vibration and liked it much more than bass coming out from D7000 or HE5.

I never owned HD800 (although have tried them at the meet), so I really can't compare these two though. To me, JH13 is better than HE5 or D7000 or HD600 in many aspects.
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Thank for your inputs guys! It makes more sense after reading your replies.
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Just came from an 1/2 hour listening of HD800, brand new not burnt out from the box. Plugged in my ALO RX / iPod classic rig.

JH 13:
Just more more straight and realistic. Equally detailled than HD800 as I much as I was able to ear from HD800.

Soundstage bigger and espacially 3D (front - back) is more "touchable" and overall sound more "airy" and instruments more detached. It's especially a big + for classical or big band in my opinion. I recommand for people listening classical, that's sure. JH13 is too intimate for classical philarmonic kind of music.

Of course the fact that HD800 was not burnt and maybe not with proper amplification can have a big effect on my opinion but I think I had a good idea of the headphone anyway and I definitly won't change my JH13 for HD800, I may thought the opposite (change from HD800 to JH13) if I was in this case (that fortunatly I'm not :-). This try with HD800 was to upgrade from my actual Grado GS1000 but I think I won't even, it's not worth it in my opinion because they have pretty close "sound signature and presentation". To upgrade from my GS1000 I'm thinking now of Ultrasone Ed8, to get more fun. Or Sony R10 but unfindable...
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Ok came back home and put my GS1000 on, yes HD800 is not so bad. In fact very deep 3D effect compared to GS1000. But still not as straight as JH13 that's a fact!
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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
I really disagree that a truly good headphone will sound bad out of an ipod because of the DAC. The DAC in the ipod is good enough that a balanced headphone should not sound bad. I think you are just used to the kind of heapdhones that are very popular around here, ,that have peaks which bring out details that are supposed to be reproduced subtlely in the recording, and which also make a bad recording/bad source sound worse than it actually should.

People complain about something like an SA5000 making an ipod DAC sound bad. But the SA5000 is not really revealing problems, it's magnifying them, making the ipod sound worse than it actually should. The HP1000 is the hallmark neutral headphone (the JH13 is the only other that can contend with it, IMO) and it sounds great out of an ipod as well (though it shows the faults of the ipod, and sounds much better out of nicer equipment).
Detail exists at all frequencies, so I'm not sure how frequency response can actually make a difference.
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Has anyone here tried to compare JH13 freqphase version with HD800? Compared to the last version JH13 FP has bigger soundstage, but i'm still wondering how it would go against HD800. Thanks

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