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30, process chemist in the pharmaceutical industry.
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60 -- does that take the "oldest" prize in this thread? Think so.

I'm CEO of a compay my wife and I founded many years ago -- we provide real-time news feeds from media companies worldwide to stock traders, business librarians, and journalists. We also analyze the news, both quantitatively and qualitatively (my wife and I are both statisticians and computer scientists).
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32, Private tutor, math and science for a local native american indian tribe.
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27, Mastering Engineer, Audio Restoration Specialist. I master, remaster and restore audio for music/films.
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57, ex radio copywriter, motorcycle courier(London) then 29 years motorcycle mechanic= stuffed body, now parts manager,the cushy life.
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43, groundskeeper, and for a part-time job I work for my father-in-law doing masonry repair
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57, ex-sportswriter and TV columnist (newspapers),freelance writer for the past 20 years.
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21, soldier (IDF, Armored corps).
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18, student
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38 / unemployed again.
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21, last year in college but still have a long path to becoming a doctor
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Such a huge variation of ages here! That's really cool. Not something you see on most forums.

28/computer programmer. Currently doing javascript-heavy web development, and previously was doing high availability multi-threaded server applications. Not too sure which I like better yet.
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65, retired 10 years ago after 32 year career in IT.
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