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42 and have my own consulting firm in the pharmaceutical industry.
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59 and unemployed
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18 work at my families restaurant but, want to be a audio engineer.
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30, dental student (Almost done...so my 650s make way for the 800s!!!)
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20, pre-med student
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i'm forty-twelve, soon going to be forty-thirteen!

i am in sales at music direct, used to teach philosophy at the university level in a prior life!
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just turned 26, web engineer for a big mortgage lender
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I"m 46 & a middle school counselor. Was a band & choir director for 11 yrs before the last 13 yrs!
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24 yo EE, and juggling full time work as a Field Engineer in Petroleum Drilling, and finishing a Master's as a full time student in ESM.
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Part time IT consultant and part time counselor/psycho therapeut.
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49-year-old freelance editor. Watching in horror as the English language is systematically destroyed by the ad industry, the Internet (the best platform ever created for mass stupidity) and the rapid decline in general standards of journalism and writing.

Punctuation? Who needs it? Clarity? Overrated! Coherent thought? Dude...? What's that?...Oh look! That chick looks like Britney! Is that KFed with her? LOL!! I have to text my BFF!!
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29, Chemical/Process engineer turned into Financial accountant (Study/Get certified while in full-time employment FTW!).
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43. Low-ranking government official.
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32, PhD student working as a computer scientist for now.
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Originally Posted by Ub3rMario View Post
23 full time student working toward Audio Design Technology degree.

Oh and

that's dope!
XD thanks. Yea, I get to blow stuff up Cant say more though...cause then Id have to kill ya
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