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14 years old

Here are my jobs:

1) School.
2) Researching cheap sources for TV parts
3) Stock trading in my really really spare time...
4) Buying/selling audio equipment so I can try new ones.
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23 years old - software engineer in the tolling systems industry
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33, ceramicist
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Oh yes, forgot to add, I'm also a research associate at a high-tech solar startup, focusing on thin-film polymer solar cells.
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Originally Posted by grape ape View Post
33, ceramicist
As in Potter?
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24 soon to be 25 lol; full time student double degree of law and commerce.
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25 years old, lab rat.
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37. Inventory at Best Buy.. Basically my life is over.
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Originally Posted by koven View Post
Not sure if there's been one of these threads.. but how old is everyone and what is your occupation? Just out of curiosity mainly, for some reason I feel like the majority of people here are over 40.

I'm 23, a full-time student, one year away from my Finance degree and I work part-time in HR @ a software company.
On a side note. You never returned my PM. I though you wanted to have a mini meet.
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What a a diverse group we are...who knew?

50 y.o. Computer and Electrical Engineer who worked as a Field Engineer for Xerox for 21 years (they seem to have lost my gold watch and pension fund) and now I am a decently paid field engineer for a large medical company (the largest) setting up hospital networks and installing and repairing, medical instrumentation for lab rats and microbiology and laboratoroy departments in hospitals and reference labs.
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24. IT tech in a small IT company. manage small/medium business servers, email, iphone, bb's, MS Exchange, active directory and general PC and mac troubleshooting for business and home clients.
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Lame uni student with a semester left after this bunch of exams. BCom [Finance] and BSc [Chemistry].

Receptionist [the lols]
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30 Chartered Surveyor (property lawyer and financial apparaiser of commerical property in Central London)
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24, postgraduate student.
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56/Locomotive Engineer, been working on the railroad all the live long day for 37 years.

Roll Tide
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