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Working as an operator doing diffrenet kinds of meassurements on tuneable lasers
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Im 18, Currently on an OE in the UK, working as a voluenteer/ travelling.
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15, student Work sometimes at a Chinese takeaway, packaging.
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25 -- Diplomat-in-training
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22, and unemployed after college. Working some contracts though. I do information systems type stuff. Server administration. I love me some linux.
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28, doing Phd in Bioengineering. Doing research to cure blindness.
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44, I design and sell HP Enterprise Storage solutions through the reseller channel. I don't know if this is good or bad; but, somewhere there is information about everyone here on a SAN that I designed.
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23, Mechanical Engineer working in the energy/power industry ... hoping to get into energy consulting with a MBA in finance. Only time will tell.
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30, Civil Servant
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49 years old, Chief Manager, Facilities Management Services.

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25 years old and I am a Tire retreader.
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22, undergrad studying medical biochemistry + working as operating equipment technician at hospital
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studying Virtual Theater
selling TV's at the local mega electronics store to fund study and hobby.
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21, student, studying Geography and Economics (haven't specialised yet).

Funny enough, people think I should be studying audio engineering lols knowing that I'm an audiophile and all and are surprised when I say what I study at Uni.
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45 former Grocery Store Manager who quit his job and moved to Texas to become a High School teacher and pursue a PhD. in History at UT.
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