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I'm no expert on the subject, but you could get a cheap set of tracking hps like the mdr-v6/7506(check ebay for used) which is recommended profusely on Gearslutz, and something a little more neutral for mixing. Possibly the GMP's can cover both bases, if they're closed.
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I was wondering about maybe using my stax for mixing......but yeah if the GMP's are good for both i'd be on that like <insert witty simile>. lol.

Yeah I could grab some sony's for tracking but I know my school has a huge gear "cage" and spotted a full rack of v6's so maybe i'll just use those.
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Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule View Post

I'm listening to the SRH840 right now, actually. I would not recommend them for studio monitoring and editing. Mainly because they have this awkward (and sometimes fatiguing) peak in the upper mids.

Could not agree more on this!


Ub3rMario, I can suggest to read my recent review of 7 closed headphones, in search for a perfect studio headphone, where hopefully you'll find some useful information. 



Going back to the point TheMarchingMule made about Shures being emphasized / harsh in the mids, try this song by Ours: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aGZSu7VJe0

Go to around 2'50''. When the heavier guitars come in, with SRH840 you almost feel like your ears will start bleeding any minute! You don't get that sensation with neither ATH-M50 or M-Audio Q40. It is considerably louder, as was the intention, I presume, and it's "middly", but you don't suddenly feel an urge to scratch your ears like you do with the Shures :).      


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rayjuodas, you necro'd a 2-year-old thread. It's pretty likely the thread starter has found his studio cans.
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