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My 2 cents worth-

I listened and compared a Spritzer built KGSShv and Headamp BHSE for a week.      

Believe it or not- I thought the BHSE with stock tubes and KGSShv sounded VERY similar, too similar.
I remember expecting much more from the BHSE- it sounded more like a ss amp than a tube amp. I was a bit disappointed, Grrrrr all the hype!  The BHSE sounded and looked great but for the price difference (and the insane wait time), you would think you would get ALOT more for the $$$ right?

But it all started to change once I tried different tubes sets-

Not in any order-

NOS Mullard FX2's-
NOS Amperex-
Psvane T-series black bottles- 
Shuguang 50 year Treasures-
Psvane EL34PH's-

Now finally, the sound was getting better and could be slightly tailored.

After a long week of tube listening, the Psvane EL34PH's ended up sounding best.  Second best- the 50 year treasures.

Im now happy with the BHSE- even though realistically, the cost and wait time may not be worth it over a well built KGSShv.  
FYI- Spritzer builds a good one! biggrin.gif

Another important factor-
The BHSE is commercially built from a well known and respected company.  The KGSShv is a DIY amp and if you buy used- like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!

Hi CorvetteGarage
I just re-read your older post. Can I ask, did you have a Birgir on-board or off-board KGSShv. I think the off-board has more volts and swing, so may (should) sound bigger / better and maybe closer to the BHSE?If you can confirm which version it was, it would be great.