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I managed to pick up a fake pair of PortaPros once. I have no idea how that happened since they are so cheap as it is....

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Hi all!


I  ordered these fake Porta-Pros from this seller and it came in the fake box and all and I knew all they way along that they would be fake.


What surprise me is that they sound great (I also own modded KSC-75's and the KSC/35's) so I should know/notice the difference in sound.


The fake ones have 60ohms drivers, I test them myself with my meter and they seem to have the same drivers as my KSC/35's.


They do sound really good.

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I had wanted an inexpensive travel/portable headphone replacement and after searching for all the alternatives, settled on a KOSS PortaPro.

Search all the threads/vids to enable distinguishing real from fake, then purchased one from Amazon for just under £21 as this will not hurt if damaged/lost during travel.

With great anticipation when opening the Amazon box to determin real or fake, I was flabergasted with disapointment.

Lol and behold, they have changed the packaging. The headphone came inside a transparent container which is inside a matt black cardboard box with a portruding (out-dented as opposed to indented) glossy image of the headphone, it is not a sticker.

The number on both sides are neither 1, 4 or 3, both sides have 2s inside the circles. The foams are all of the same shade.

When 1st plugged into my laptop, the bass seem to over power everything else (cobwebs) , it gradually changed and it now sounds very good considering the cost of purchase. Having installed a Stopwatch & Timer App (stickler for preciseness), I am burning them with Pink Noise, will check on the sound quality in the 100 hours.

I wholeheartedly believe this is the real Mccoy, if it's fake then they have surpassed themselves and I quite like this product.

SOS ppl, tried but unable to upload or attach images of the box and wrapping..............seems I don't have permission. rolleyes.gif
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This is crazy that they actually make fakes of something with so little value in the first place. Sorry to all who have received the fake ones. I ordered mine from Amazon.co.uk AGES ago. I'm always skeptical on eBay nowadays unless I know the same item has been purchase multiple times before.

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Cheaper items sell more in terms of volume (pardon my pun) therefore the probability of getting away with it are much greater.

I generally prefer to purchase from reputable sellers........................................definitely not eBay.
No offence to eBay reputable traders but those who cheat on that site have long since destroyed its integrity.

Edit: Just watched a video and this lady explained that one of her older KOSS PortaPro have an angled jack whereas her recent set have straight jack.......as my received purchase also have an angled jack, now I'm wondering if my headphone is an new old stock...... I mean old old. Curious, but on hindsight the black matt box seems to be manufactured to a very high/modern standard in regard to the protruded gloss image and ten years ago this technology/design of manufacture were not seen.
Matt cardboard box.............................................................interior plastic headphone housing. (without headphone)
Now able to upload images, hope these will help.
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