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307A tubes

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There appears to be only four brands of these available - Ken Rad,Sylvania,NU and Raytheon.Are there any others?

When did production cease on these? Most seem to be 1940's vintage
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There's also Western Electric.

Yes, they're all made in 1940's tubes other than NU is I'm not sure.
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These were military WWII radio tubes, and most are stashed in Europe - I've had good luck with one guy in France who lists them occasionally on eBay. Pete has an extensive discussion about the 307a (aka vt-225).

TubeData lists Western Electric also, but no idea who really manufactured, and who rebranded.
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I know someone who has built a 307A based amp and he said that getting matched tubes was quite difficult. I hope TTVJ are keeping a stash for their customers!
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If you're "rolling your own" amp, probably be a good idea to find a substitute. The 10y is pretty close.
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