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Sennheiser HD 600 needs repair

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I have the ability to get a busted pair of hd 600s for around 80 bucks. They are mint, but the right cup has no sound. I am not sure if it under warranty, but if its not will Sennheiser repair it? If so how much would that run.
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Hi deadpool86, welcome to Head-Fi.

The HD 600 are easily repairable, normally by the user.

A dead capsule may actually be a cable fault. The cable unplugs, so the easy way of checking is to unplug the cable and swap the plugs to the other capsule.

If the fault is on the same capsule it's a capsule fault, if it moves with the cable it's a cable fault.

You don't say where you are based, but your local Sennheiser Agent should be able to give you an idea as to costs - but you need to find out where the problem is first. It may well be that all you need is a replacement cable (which you can easily plug in yourself).

I hope this helps.
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I live in Ohio, and thank you for the fast reply.
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Thank you very much for your help.

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Originally Posted by deadpool86 View Post

I live in Ohio, and thank you for the fast reply.


Sennheiser USA is a lot more reliable than what we have over here, who don't stock parts and one time I called to inquire if they had earpads (so I wouldn't waste time going there on a weekday), the guy who answered seemed puzzled with my inquiry, put me on hold to see who knows what the heck it is I needed, then after five minutes some schmuck (dunno if it's the same guy) put the phone down. I ended up having my brother order from Senn USA then mail the earpads to me, since turf restrictions are there for national/regional dealers, but I didn't have a contact in SG to get them from the region HQ.


You can order spare parts from Sennheiser USA and install them yourself, including drivers, but it's best if you can diagnose the problem properly first. Aside from swapping out the cables disassemble the driver and see if maybe the wire that connects the driver to where the cable goes in has been disconnected. If so try getting them soldered back on properly, that way at least you have one driver matched to the other (assuming it's not broken also).

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