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Again, here is the thread everyone is posting in: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/newestpost/371737


Someone please close this thread.

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To be honest I'd be happier to see the other (XII) thread closed and have this one made the active topic.

It's nearly hit 400 pages! It's much much easier to keep track of a smaller topic in my opinion, hence why I think we need another fresh start.

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^  welp the other thread has been locked

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About time I say! Go go XIV!

When the sun comes back up I might actually go and take a photo or two of my gear to celebrate. ;)

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My turn.... been playing with double capping lately...hehehe gay sound




itouch 2g 8gig >> valgrind lod>>plexcio  caps>>alo jumbo cryo>>valgrind audio caps>>crossroads cryo copper>>sr71a>>hd650


Another shot using the nano 8gig instead. Fits well better, makes the caps look like a cube when tied together with the nano..lol


Hd650 with my own ultraportable cable. It is a diyed es2 cable to be a hd650 cable. Terminated with cardas on one side, viablue on the other. No more bulky 3m cables!! Now i can throw it all in a carrying case...



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Why are you running your signal through capacitors? Unless it is an imod, it's not necessary. The capacitors are for blocking DC voltage from an imod/diymod.

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I'm not trying to start a flame war. It's just a little bothersome when components are placed in the signal path needlessly. Now if it's an imod that's a different story. I'm guessing that a stock ipod touch and 3g nano won't be putting out any DC voltage to make the capacitors worthwhile.

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well, since im lazy to explain, lets just say if you do something and it changes the sound sig alot, its worth it. Let the ears be your judge. I do have an imod too, but its bulky.So i use nano 3g most of the time with my caps. Worth it? Redundant? Each  man sings a different song.



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Changed my cover to me ipod 80gb.... last one was too bulky



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Hard to believe it's been over a year......and I still love them.


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hphones 010.JPG

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5G ipod, PA2V2, Alessandro MS-1i's, Hifiman RE0's.


Sounds pretty darn good to me :)




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iPod 160GB --> Whiplash Elite TWcu LOD --> iBasso T3 --> MTPC/SR80i

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