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Cheap Place to Buy Grados

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*Jude or Neruda, feel free to move this if it's in the wrong forum*

The other day I was reading Sound and Vision magazine, and in the classifieds, there was an ad for a company called SoundSeller I don't know if any of you have bought from SoundSeller, but I recently e-mailed them for prices of Grado Sr60's and SR80's. They replied saying that the Sr60's went for only $55 , and the Sr80's are only $75, and that shipping was only $5 (shipping was to California, but probably is the same for anywhere in US, correct?). Now I'm not sure on the prices of the rest of the Grado lineup, but I am definitely waiting anxiously for a reply [I just asked about an hour ago] This was a big relief for me to find a great value set of cans for even cheaper.

Has anybody bought from Soundseller, or heard anything about them? Because they seem to be a good choice to buy, but I guess I'm just a bit suspiciousabout the low prices....anyone have any feedback on soundseller? -Thanks a bunch in advance

PS. Is it just me or is this guy wearing Grados?
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I just got a reply from the SoundSeller guy;
the prices for the Grado lineup are:

SR-60 $55.00
SR-80 $75.00
SR-125 $120.00
SR-225 $160.00
SR-325 $235.00
RS-1 $550.00
RS-2 $395.00

He says the shipping is:

$5.00 to the US
$10.00 to Canada

.......Good deal? Should I buy? [I live in Canada].....Also 'Matt' here at head-fi recommended hifiman69@aol.com , he also has good prices, I will post them when I get a reply from him.

Please tell me what you think of these prices, and if you think I should buy them. Thanks
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well, when I order online, I only pay when I get the package. If you could order those Grado's like that from him, you get a great price. Not mindblowingly low, but worth it. Just be sure you can cancel the payment if he doesn't deliver or you get refurbs.

and is wearing Sony stock headphones
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I just edited my previous post, it said ...@hotmail, but really it was supposed to be hifiman69@aol.com .....Sorry to anyone who tried to e-mail him
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Any updates on those two sources? Those are great prices.
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I dunno if you know this already, but in local stores, Grado's get a huge markup. In ontario, after tax, its approximately 50% more than the cost of ordering from the States.

Just make sure you ask them about brokage fees, sometimes you'll get hit with a $20+ brokage fee...
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Use the credit card so you are protected. Alternatively, search eBay for even better price.
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For Canadians:
I bought a pair of Grado SR60 and two pairs of SR225 from Brooklyn Audio, for about $620 delivered to Toronto. That included shipping, GST, and yes, that's Canadian dollars.

(Brooklyn Audio is located somewhere in Nova Scotia).

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Brooklyn Audio, eh?
I just found this cool page with a few Canadian Audio dealerships [boy are they hard to come by] and their phone numbers. Here it is I'm gonna give them a call sometime this week, along with a few of the places in British Columbia.

db1: Do you happen to remember how much the sr60's were by themselves?
Also, lemme guess, you like Aston Martins [db1]? cuz i LOVE 'em!!!
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I'm tempted to order the RS-1s from this Soundsellers guy. Does anyone have any experience buying from Soundsellers?

- pearle
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I've ordered 2 Grado items from them (SR-125 and RA-1), and both transactions were smooth. The goods got here safe and sound. If I recall the SR-125's were $120 and the RA-1 was $279. Not bad deals at all.
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Just got the RA-1 from SoundSeller.........$279 plus $5 shipping. Professional, friendly, and prompt. Recommended.
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Do you guys mean the RS-1 or am I missing something here?
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no no no. The ra-1 is Grado's amp.....
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Ahhhhhhhh...I see it all makes sense now, thanks Cool.

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