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My new alba 6730 4gb mp3 player mini review.....Best sq of ANY mp3 player!!!!

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Don't laugh and think just because of the name this is rubbish or maybe i have gone mad because this really is a wonderful player.
Well ive had my new alba player for a week now and this player is soooo good it needs to be shouted about so here's my little review.
Ok 1st off this thing is about the size of the old iriver players from a few years back and is powered by 1 aaa battery (brilliant) and boasts 25 hour life,which is excellent and comes with 3 different colour faces,black pink and white of which i'm loving the pink one!
It has the usual bits,voice recorder,etc but the main point about this player is the sound quality....it flat out rocks!
Ive used this with shure 310,senn ie8,ety 6i and 4p and quite frankly i have been blown away by the sound with each different pair.
Using Lame encoded mp3's at V0 and 320 and using a flat equalizer the sound is full bodied,incredibly powerful and knoks spots off any other player ive heard yet and that includes sony,cowon,iriver,sansa etc.
Bass,mids and treble all sound precise and clear not muddy in the slightest just pure audio bliss and for £22 for 4gb this is the best dap ive ever purchased.
Now for the secret......
Ok this has the usual preset equalizer,rock,pop and jazz which are a bit naff but the bass setting is a revelation,especially if you are a fan of etys!
Using my er4p i thought i'd try this bass setting as when i heard it using a different iem it got me thinking hmmm this would be worth a try.
So i switched this setting on and omg you just wouldn't believe how it transformed the etys!
See the bass setting isn't what you would expect,instead of just overpowering the bottom end this setting is very subtle indeed and boy does it make them shine,think of it as a sort of built in headphone amp and you will get the idea.
Now i'm not one for using equalizer,clear bass etc and i like to have it flat and when using my other phones that is the case but with the etys well.....it's just a revelation!
It just makes them sound strong and even more vibrant,not louder just more powerful.
No i can imagine that most of you will dismiss these comments because of the make but i promise you that this is better sounding than any dap that i personally have heard,and boy ive gone through a lot,but to give you some idea think sony/sansa type sound but clearer and more precise and you are approaching what this player sounds like.
I seriously cannot recommend this more highly,it makes my 638f sound rather weak in comparison.
Just a wonderful player and deserves serious attention.
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Do you have a link to the manufacturer and a photo of the DAP? Several Google searches didn't turn up anything related.

Since this is supposed to be a short review, could go maybe go back and proofread and reorganize your post so it's easier to read?
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Sorry guys.
Go to argos.co.uk and click on alba mp3 players.
There is a 1,2 and 4gb model all shown with the rather cool pink cover!
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Originally Posted by burndtjamb View Post
That's the baby!!!!
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anyone interested to buy one for test???
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just saw the images, the dap is like chinese-dap and the stock earbuds is same design with Sony mdr-E818/E811 @_@
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Ummmm, me no likey!!!! It looks so old, like it's an outdated player. It might have the greatest SQ though, but the look is killing it for me.
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If it has the "greatest" sound quality, I don't care if it looks like a piece of shat.
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Goodness sake, that is one OLD looking DAP. Looks like the Coby ones here in the states shortly after I bought my MPIO 64 MB DAP back in 2001.

I'd have to hear it for myself. If only it didn't cost 40 pounds/$67 (USD). That's just really pricey since it doesn't even come with a LCD display and instead comes with a backlit monochrome 1-line display (scrolling?).

Edit: Ouch: AAA battery. Battery life with the backlighting on is probably no more than 10 hours seeing how my old MPIO could only squeeze out 7.5 hours if I intermittenly used the backlighting.
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I feel like I've read this before.. maybe it was a rave review on some other obscure player.
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Where's my salt shaker? Ah yes, here it is........and one grain down the tubes.
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I've heard this piece of crap. It was hissy and tinny and horrible to use (using iBuds) or just cripplingly underpowered (larger headphones) I am not fooling around when I say I'd have sooner picked my 15 year old Panasonic tape player and one of my old high school Eurythmics compilation tapes.
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thanks Duggeh for clearing that out! i knew something weird was going on!
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