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I've learned 3 important things today

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Never assume just because you have the green light that someone won't t-bone your car

always let them take you to the hospital

always get ready in the morning like there is a chance 5 doctors will see you in your panties.
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1. Who drives a car in NYC? If it was you, was your hair in your eye like your avatar?
2. Who refuses a hospital trip that involves an injury so severe that it requires 5 doctors?
3. Who. . . well, you know. Or maybe this is just a cautionary advisory for others?
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Glad you're alright.

Sorry about my earlier post, I thought this thread was something else.
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Okay, I will ask the obvious, were you in an accident? If so, glad you are okay. If not, were you a witness?
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What's with all these pedestrian-and/or-car-driver-accident threads lately?
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That's four statements of concern, or at least recognitions of your post, in 19 minutes. So what's the story?
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What happened?

I hope you're OK.

I went through a bad accident in 2003. Arrested, too, but wasn't charged. I came out OK (the other guy got four years in the can) and it ended up a life changing experience. Whatever happened, I hope the best for you.
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leaving everyone hanging...what happened?
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Must be one BIG response...
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Take it easy everybody.

She is most likely in some form of shock and/or under some kind of sedation.
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Ouch, sorry to hear about it. Always watch out for the unexpected (and sometimes not so much) bad driver.

I battle that all that time when I rollerblade to work. I had a women almost hit me TWICE in the same day. She made a right turn without stopping at the stop sign and had me almost smash into her car, then she made another right into a driveway right in front of me having me almost smash into her other side.

Funnest incident was having a cab driver do a U-tern BACKWARDS in front of me.
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Well luckily it wasn't any worse, I take it your okay?

It's not safe anywhere.. WAHH!!
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We learn new things almost every day!
You just happened to learn more/less than the average dose..
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Damn hope you're ok... I always nearly dodge traffic cause the other drivers never pay attention.
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Hope it's nothing to serious, get well soon.
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