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Liter Gamma-1

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i want a compact ,high performance usb dac for my laptop and searched for some diy model on web.and then i noticed gamma-1 project, it's really good for me,but not simple enough to me,as i just needed a usd-dac without any other input and i start my plan , simplifying gamma-1 lite version, to make it even more "liter":
1.pick out the receiver,spdif converter, parts and relevant components
2.delete wallwart supply part and the switch of choosing supply between usb and wallwart,as i want a purely usb-powered dac,as well as the AND gate ic.
3.add a LMH6642 to buffer the VMID of wm8501 in order to get rip of large caps. i also intent to make it slimmer,fully using SMD component.

the follow pic is my first try schematic,there is an error that symbol "func4" should be "func0". i didn't know if there is some other mistake.
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Why not go with the BantamDAC?
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Or just build the gamma1-lite.
You're just going to spend more money and more effort trying to make a "lite-er" version.

Even if you make a single-board, all-smd solution and rid of the electrolytes, it'll hardly be any slimmer than what the y1 already is after adding output jacks.
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I think you would be better off switching to a different DAC chip then adding more parts to remove a couple of capacitors.

Edit: how about an image you can actually see?
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I just read about that chip - PCM2707 + that chip I suspect could fit in the same size as a BantamDAC as there is not a lot of support chips needed.

After I finish the current rev of my DAC, I think that may be my next project...
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That one of the cool features with *that* DAC chip... my full schematic only has 2 other active parts (a regulator and a USB to I2S "converter").
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Originally Posted by MisterX View Post
(a regulator and a USB to I2S "converter").
Hmmm. That really piques my curiosity I wonder what MisterX is using that may not be a PCM270x? Time to go looking at sites.
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