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Image X10 on Ebay ? Official dealer ?

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I found this on Ebay :

KLIPSCH Cuffie Image X10 In G.zia NUOVE en vente sur (fin le 15-août-09 17:13:44 Paris)

Is it an authorized dealer ?
Does warranty applies on it ?
Are they from the "new version" without stress reliefer split ?

Thank tou !
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Did you try sending a message to the seller also?
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Yes, he says Klipsch warranty applies, but I want to be sure.
PIXMANIA is a big company, but you never know on ebay....
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In Europe, the retailer is responsible for warranty issues. I am not familiar with this seller. You might look to TNS distribution as an alternative. They are based in the UK, but can ship to European locations as well.
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I'm also wondering if the Klipsch Image X10 sold by Pixmania is new or old desing. Well, EU guarantees 14 days return policy by law when mail ordering, so I'm going to take a risk for loosing about 20 € for postages. Anyway, they advertise it as X10, hinting the new design. The price is surprisingly cheap, about 135 €.

Althought Pixmania also sells in Ebay, you can still order directly from their site I bought a video projector from Pixmania few years ago and had no problems. It's probably one of the biggest consumer electronic online sellers in Europe?
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My pair of Images arrived about a week ago. There is no mention about X10 in the package, just "Image", so I can confirm that Pixmania is selling the older version. I'm going to keep them anyway because of cheap price. Hope the cable will last. If not, it's easy to fix.

I'm very happy with the sound and fit. The ear tips make good sealing and can be quickly inserted. These little babies also deliver good amount high quality bass, which my previous phones – Etymotic 6i – lacked.
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