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MarkL modded K701

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I've been posting a lot of non diy material lately so I figure I'd post this up.

I recently markl moded my k701's using blue tack as a "trial" attempt. I can't take pics at the moment, but I will when I open them up again to do a real markl mod using dynamat. I wantd to mod them to increase the bass impact, but I don't think I got much of a difference in terms of bass. But what I got instead was a tighter low end. Its weird because I've always thought the k701's were nice and tight to begin with, but now its got an even tighter low end.

I was listening to coldplay's "Life in Technicolor" and what I think are bongos in the background are nice and clear, never fully noticed them before, but I gotta try these out to see if the high end was sacrificed in someway. Pics will be up tomorrow, But I gotta find a local dynamat source.
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Originally Posted by pdupiano View Post
I wantd to mod them to increase the bass impact, but I don't think I got much of a difference in terms of bass.
I think its commendable that you're trying/experimenting with physical mods to the cans for this effect, but would be surprised if it was found successful.
No expert here but AFAIR the popular can mods either suppress/control a sound aspect (e.g. bass in DX000s) or "release" more of an aspect (e.g. treble in senns w/foam mod). I guess you are trying to get the effect of more bass impact through minor suppression of mids/highs perhaps, but its a rough road changing the basic character without losing something desirable.

BTW I've had K701s & since they pretty much need amping used "bass punchy" tubes (e.g. Amperexs like PQ 6922) in a CTH to good effect to increase the bass impact (& enhance detail).
Originally Posted by pdupiano View Post
But I gotta find a local dynamat source.
IIRC someone in one of the markl mod threads worked in or owned some sort of auto shop had dynamat in bulk & he was willing to send bits out.

Good luck.
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Alright here are the pics, at the moment I got the wrong effect. rather than increasing the bass impact, I got well a tightening of sorts of the bass. I thought the k701's had very little decay to begin with, now its even... snappier. I'm gonna try throwing some resistance in there to increase the bass response. Normally that's led to some flabby bass in other mods I've tried. I figure the dynamat might help control it while giving me some more impact, but the problem is it might affect the mids and highs which is something I'd prefer to avoid if at all possible.

Temporary Mod:

Completed Mod:

More mods to come
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well the markL mod is not actually designed to increase bass, in fact, quite the opposite, its purpose is to control it and help bring midrange detail forward. looks like you went to town there though, thats a HUGE amount of dynamat, were they really THAT resonant that you needed that much dynamat??
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not really a lot of dynamat, it used about 1/4 of the amount I used for the actual markl mod on the d2000's. But I figure when I throw in the resistor to increase the bass I might as well do what I can (while I had the k701's open) to reduce the soon to be flabby bass.

But looking at the k701 driver, it felt like it was "shallower" than say the hd650 driver I happen to have lying around. its like the distance that the diaphragm could travel was a lot less in the k701 than in the hd650. Perhaps thats the reason for the lack of bass impact, might also be with the case for grados. But we'll see, I'll continue to mod this thing until I feel some bass... or break it, which ever comes first.
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There are a couple of mods in the forums to increase the bass for the K701s. You might try a forum thread title search for "K701" and you'll find them.
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... folks please don't do this mod.. atleast for now its incomplete. The mod makes the k701's punchier, BUT it sacrifices bass impact. Now when I compare it to a stock one... well the stock one now has bass and the modded one doesnt. Crap, the worst part is the mod is relatively irreversible (without leaving dynamat gunk). I gotta keep trying at this point, no other option. gotta salvage the cans
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wow, you must've used a crapload of dynamat in your denon mod?? I installed woodies on mine and they have a little bit, but not much because of the medium density wood. other than that I only have a touch on the back of the driver and frame.

cant say I didnt see this result coming though. IMO the K701 are already too bass light, so this mod is really not suited to them at all.
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Making the chassis more rigid is NEVER a bad idea in my opinion. All it can do is reduce unwanted vibrations.
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ok bass issue fixed, I made the mistake of covering the back hole of the drivers with foam. I remembered that when you took out the foam in the back of the hd650 drivers they ended up as too bright, so I figure doing the opposite would help the k701's, I was wrong. Luckily I decided to open them up to recable them, otherwise I would have forgotten about the foam I left inside. At this point its a tighter bass than the stock k701 but still no bass. I went through the foam mods as currawong suggested, and I'm getting some improvement, I'll try some other foams but I can see this might have its limits so I'll pick up a few resistors and try the resistor mod.
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the k701 bass is not a problem for me, its the sibilant treble thats is quite piercing for a long listening period. If you don't own any other headphones, you can live with it, but since i have a modded fostex t50rp, this is quite obvious and stop me from going back to k701. however I just added blu-tack on the back of the driver, without covering the holes, the baffle is untouched. Now the treble is much smoother, making it a relaxing can. I am sure that mass damping in theory makes your headphones better with less resonance. This was confirmed in the 'loudspeaker and headphones handbook' that I found, which states there are 2 ways to reduce resonance caused by cup vibration:

1 Increasing the mass of cup

2 increase the ratio between the areas of driver and baffle. In this case we can't do anything, as the k701 driver is about 40 mm while the baffle is around 100mm.

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Why go though all these trouble if all you wanted is more base? An good EQ would not only solve the issue but also retain what K701 is known for, clarity. 


Frank, the piercing treble may have something to do with the Amp. I've listened to my K701 on Burson Audio HA-160 and got a very uncomfortable treble. I've found the K701 is really picky, amps makes a huge difference on how it sounds.


My fav right now is a vintage Technics Su-7300 and Schitts Valhalla with EQ, +5 40Hz, +5 60Hz, +3 150Hz and +2 2.4Hz, and -1 15kHz. It's not super bassy, or as warm as HD650. But it punches hard and clean. 


(Didn't need EQ with Technics)


I have done a cable swap though, went with dual sided CryoParts TWcu wire and CryoParts terminal. 

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The pair of k701's I had were alo recabled, and used with a x-can v8 tube hp amp. The thought of sibilant highs never crossed my mind. Nice work pdupiano, try flattening your earpads a bit. Physically getting the drivers closer to your ears even a minor amount will make a pretty big difference. Others have also tried putting electrical tape around the earpads, but I think the results were along the lines of losing too much of what the k701 did well. It would be interesting to see a sort of hybrid earpad for the k701, if someone figured out a way to strategically inject the k701 earpads with some sort of a rubber/plastic material then perhaps..

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