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Jah man, I dig "Legalize It" But I prefer the other 3 Tosh records. "Equal Rights" is my very favorite - I think "Downpressor Man" may be my favorite song of all time (not just my favorite Reggae song of all time - my favorite SONG of all time). But I love "Wanted Dread or Alive" too..."Coming In Hot" and "Reggaemylitis" are both such killer, killer tunes.

"More UB40 Music" has a ton of the "Signing Off" stuff on it in extended versions, along with some of their other great deep dub stuff, but I have only ever found that on Vinyl...
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ahhh, so that's where they came from! dub tastes better on vinyl anyway

UK reggae is great, "true democracy" from Steel Pulse is prolly one of my all time favorites...one of those "feel good" albums that uplifts you silly
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Good evening ladies and gentleman.
Today's pick.
YouTube - NORA DEAN Barbwire Reggae
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my current FOTM singer w/ Barrington Levy(wohohoho), and he's often using Black Ark backtracks so it adds up in the end

he likes to make fun of Prince Jazzbo, I like deejays competition(nowadays Bounty Killer always wins anyway )...too bad they never did a clash.

and I also really enjoy that song, straight from the Black Ark...the chorus is like nothing else, and the disco dub version is even better: YouTube - junior dread ~ a wah dat
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Scientist is an amazing dub artist and also check out Sly & Robbie. If you started out with Rebelution (gasp) you should check out the Expendables. Their albun "Gettin' Filthy" is pretty great surf/rock/reggae.
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I Love dub reggae and I have listened to Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Long Beach Dub Allstars, etc etc I think that if you are looking for that really nice deep sound, Scientist, King Tubby, and Lee Scratch Perry are the way to go. A very unique brassy sounding reggae album by Scratch Perry is called "Musical Bones" and I'd recommend it. His best is probably Super Ape and Return of the Super Ape though. Scientist's best albums are "Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires", and "Scientist Meets the Space Invaders". King Tubby's best albums are "Dangerous Dub" and "More Dangerous Dub". Check out any of these albums for some very VERY chill Music.
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this song is really a banger: YouTube - The Black Seeds - The Answer

too bad that's the only good song on that album...an accident I guess
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I use to hear Bob Marley & The Wailers when i lived back in JA, but never fully appreciated their music until my first High-Fi setup, truly legendary, highly recommend, sounds insane over HD800s.
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Michael Rose(ex-Black Uhuru) w/ an AKG-sumthing:
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yeeha, 70 mins of B-takes and unreleased killer cuts from Joseph Hill and Culture...beyond words!

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Capleton nailing it w/ the Dub Syndicate: YouTube - Dub Syndicate & Capleton - Time

and Joseph Hill(Culture) has a son: Amazon.com: Pass the Torch: Kenyatta "Culture" Hill

but he's using Autotune, I can't stand it..
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Originally Posted by hew View Post
You might also want to take a look at this list of 100 Top Reggae albums - it seems to be a fair representation of the stuff that has held up over time.
Ahh, thanks for that Hew -- love a good top 100 for an introduction into a music genre. And now, crap, more albums to buy.
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When I moved from vinyl to cd a few years back, I effectively lost my modest reggae collection. For no particular reason, I haven't got back into reggae, but there were 3 that I just had to get again on CD:

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Forces of Victory (angry, articulate poet with attitude)
Pablo Moses - A Song (about as different in attitude as one can get from above)
Barrington Levi - Mary Long Tongue (12" single) - got the greatest hits CD just for that one track.

Sadly, the CDs don't have quite the same bass impact as I remember from the vinyl, but the music is as great as ever.
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